Monday, December 31, 2018

Year in Review + Top 5 Posts of 2018

2018 was one for the books! I can't even begin to tell you just how f u l l it was for our Family. If you've been around these parts for any amount of time you may actual know how busy we were! Which 'busy' really isn't my thing so it's pretty much laid me bare and exhausted, ha. I will take a new year so I can get back to slow. Who is with me?! 
Year in Review + Top 5 Posts of 2018 on Work it Mommy blog

Here is our Year in Review as dictated by this blog; I didn't share everything here so this can be considered the "lite-lite" version of how 2018 treated us.

Started off the year BIG by doing a Whole30 and participating in Allie Casazza’s Declutter like a Mother challenge; with the shedding of the weight, the stuff and the emotional baggage of dealing with my Papa's passing, it was a heavy month.

Kinsey turned 7 and we celebrated at a roller rink.

What would have been my Papa's 90th birthday, this month was a sad one for me. Several months later and I realized I was very depressed over his death. I didn't see it at the time but grief is sneaky. Talk to a loved one or a trusted friend who has experienced loss, it truly makes ALL the difference.

The weather was just beautiful in Monterey and we took full advantage (we also knew this would be the last Spring we would be enjoying here)
Soaked up as much time with friends and family as possible. Began to pack all the things and still didn't do a great job. 
We moved cross country and it turned into the longest day of my life. 

Bea turned four and we celebrated Fourth of July with real fireworks (and bug bites). Summer in the South is a force to be reckoned with!

Kinsey begins second grade at her new Elementary School.
Clark turns one and we celebrate with a Man Cub birthday party. 
Brian and I celebrate our T E N Y E A R anniversary and I take an unintentional blog break. We also move into our own house. There is only one blog post from this very full month to show for all the chaos.

I celebrate my 33rd Birthday. Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) is different this year but enjoyable. New is hard for me but I am embracing it.
Our first Christmas in Arkansas. Its a month long celebration but to our disappointment, no snow. Maybe next year?


Top 5 Posts of 2018


Year in Review + Top 5 Posts of 2018 on Work it Mommy blog
Year in Review + Top 5 Posts of 2018 on Work it Mommy blog

Happy New Year's Eve!

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