Saturday, March 16, 2013

CAEYC Conference 2013

CAEYC Conference 2013
I had the wonderful honor to go to this years California Education for Young Children Conference thanks to my fabulous job and Director. This years conference was at the San Jose Convention Center and adjoining Marriott Hotel. Not only did it span 3 days, included dozens of prestigious Early Childhood Education advocates and a crazy cool Expo, I got to enjoy the day with my awesome co- workers.
CAEYC Conference 2013
Granted, I didn't enjoy the 5am wake up call but it sure did set the tone for the rest of the day when my baby brain kicked in hard (read- realizing at the end of the day I hadn't closed my car door shut haha, read the program for Saturday instead of Friday, and it continued on in this vein ALL day.)
Friday's Keynote speaker was Patti Digh visit her blog here, you'll be glad you did! This lady entertained, inspired and encouraged a room full of half asleep educators and she did it with aplomb.
Unfortunately, I was only able to go to 3 workshops but my hands down favorite of the day was Messy Art for 2's and 3's with Anna Reyner and Danielle Monroy, MA. These ladies demonstrated creative, messy and fun art projects for young children using Colorations art supplies found here. Some of my favorite ideas are:
1. Using cheapy drop clothes as mural paper.
2. Foam paint used with paint rollers or hands and then 'polished' off with a rag- it dries instantly.
3. Liquid watercolor in a spray bottle- a good fine motor workout and a beautiful mist pattern emerges.
4. Making art scrolls out of paper with sticks/dowels/ Popsicle sticks rolled and hot glued or Tacky glued down.
5. Dyeing rock salt/ ice cream salt with liquid watercolor and using it in a sensory activity.
6. Reusing paper bags and crafting into books either by binder clips or a dowel entwined with a pipe cleaner.
All these crafts and more can be found on Anna Reyner's blog-seriously, check it out!

I hope to be a part of next years CAEYC Conference.  For more information visit their site
CAEYC Conference 2013 Anna Reyner

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