Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello There!

As this is my very blog post I will go easy on you (and save the crazy for later~ lucky you!) and just introduce myself:  I am happily married to my best friend; we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary come October and we are the blessed parents to a wonderful 2 year old daughter.  Life is good and for the first time since the February 2011 birth of Baby Girl, I feel I am at a place where I can start doing something wholly for myself.  

Motherhood was the journey I couldn't wait to begin and after a scary enlarged cyst incident that absconded with one of my ovaries I thought could be just out of reach.  But the Lord is gracious and always good and fulfilled my dreams of becoming Mommy.

As a working mom, there's days when fitting in all the to- dos can be daunting.  Im learning how to be gentle on myself and hope this will be an outlet to vent and share with other moms the joys and perils of mommyhood.

I am a Preschool Teacher (ages 3 & 4) and while I feel more than capable in my day to day tasks of playing, guiding and learning with a group of 10 preschoolers, I still struggle with feelings of inadequacy bringing up my own daughter.  I wonder why that is? Maybe feelings of anxiety is more appropriate.  All I know is once she turns 3, I will be a gold star Mom (the Child Development Certificate on my wall supports this idea, har har.)

So, to sum up my attempt at breaking out into blogging, I promise I will: 
  1. Be honest, sometimes to the point of fault 
  2. Give anecdotes and tidbits
  3. Stay positive and cheerful (or as cheerful as I can with a 2 year old lurking about)
  4. And just have fun with it!

I hope you will enjoy this ride with me!  God Bless and Work it Mommy!


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