Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Forward

I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks forward an hour (except Arizona- why is that?)  I am comforted that Spring is just waiting to begin and with it warmer weather (not that in my part of California is there really a big differential between seasons- I'm not complaining!)  And though I know this will wreck havoc on my daughter's nap schedule and consequently  her bedtime routine, I still look forward to it being lighter later and anticipating Summer.

Is it just me or does the time really start to accelerate once Baby is born?  I feel like the 2 years I've been blessed with parenting my daughter has snapped by.  Keeping with the warped speed of time, I have to start planning now what Summer plans will look like (roughly):

  1.  I have a little tumbler/ climber at home so I was wanting to get her into Gymnastics.  I don't have lofty dreams of Olympic Gold but a chance for socializing, play and exercise all rolled into one package is always a plus.
  2. The Big Event- Potty Training is nearing.  As a Preschool Teacher at a wonderful Christian School, I want my daughter to attend come August.  Any child can be enrolled by 2.5 years if the child is toilet trained and by jove I want that for her!  I'm very lucky to have not one but both Grandma's baby sitting throughout the week and I have prepared them for this transition.  Now if only stating my intentions to the toddler were that easy!
  3. The annual visit to the LA Family- ok, not much planning here really, it IS a yearly thing after all.
  4. Spend as much time outdoors as possible!

That last one won't be a problem, like I stated above, our weather is pretty constantly wonderful.  Everyone enjoy this fantastic gift of a day!  
Work it Mommy Spring Forward

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