Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dinner for one

About twice a week or so the Hubby works late and I get to slack in my dinner preparations.  As in cereal for dinner. I can't complain; I think cereal is good any time and didn't it used to be its own food group back in the day, with grains? (C'mon, you know you remember when!)
But I got creative the other night (and dare I say a little gourmet?) and whipped up a tasty little salad all of which the ingredients I had on hand. Feeling completely full and satisfied, I figured I'd share the fruits (vegetables) of my labor:

Field greens salad with gorgonzola, asparagus and fried eggs:
Field greens- we shop at Whole Foods Market and they have a great selection of pre washed and ready to eat lettuce mixes
4 stalks asparagus- I had these left over from a previous meal. Originally I had roasted them in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper so all I did to bring em back to life was saute them for a few minutes
Avocado halved and diced
Gorganzola cheese crumbled
Fried eggs- I used 2
Choice of salad dressing- I used Caesar- love it.

It was so good! My 2 year old was even bumming bites! And what's great about a salad is anything goes. Seriously. If I hadn't been lazy, I'd have chopped a tomato and threw it into the mix too. Get creative. Be adventurous. Your mouth (and belly) will thank you.
Here's the gratuitous food shot:
(You're welcome)

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