Friday, April 5, 2013

Doozy of a day

Today has been a doozy! I'm just thankful I survived. No joke. Started off bright and early getting ready to drop my Lovely off at Grandma's before work; getting her settled in her car seat, had to wipe breakfast off her face, arranged her blankie. Jumped in ready to go.  Buckled up. Started the car. Drove down the street. Almost had a heart attack. I had forgotten to buckle her into her seat! Her response, "that was a close one Mommy." At least she's not scarred for life.

Second whopper: not even fifteen minutes later. I lock my keys in the car at Grandma's house! I kid you not. I couldn't even call my work, the phone and purse were locked up too. This may be the only circumstance when having all your information at you finger tips (ie the smart phone) does NO good. This is also another case where technology saved me; I facebooked a co worker and the boss to tell of the mishap (gotta love tagging).

All things in perspective, I guess it could have been worse. But for two really random and kinda scary things to happen back to back like that blows my mind. Am I losing my marbles?

As the Business Manager said, "Maybe you're pregnant." HAHA. (But don't think it didn't cross my mind. That was some serious baby brain!) This simultaneously delights and frightens me. Are we ready for a second yet?! **update to follow :) **

Care to share any wacky baby brain (or non BB related) stories? It would definitely cheer me up. Much obliged!
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