Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of the Young Child 2013

Week of the Young Child 2013

This year the Week of the Young Child is April 14- 20th; this event is sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to bring awareness to the importance of early learning and the needs of young children.

In celebration of this great cause, my School holds an annual Parade; each classroom designs costumes according to a theme (this years theme is "Spring") and marches around the parking lot. Families are invited and photo ops are prevalent. It is a fun activity and the children enjoy the festivities leading up to the Parade days!

If your child's school has any WOYC activities, please go out and support them! Not only will your child be thrilled to see you at their school, I'm sure the teachers would be appreciative too. Nothing says you're doing a great job like parent endorsement :)

I feel blessed to be able to work with children and their families (though I admit there is a part of me that wishes I could be a stay at home mom)  but I'm invested in my work because I know the importance of Early Childhood Education. And I think that makes my interactions as a parent stronger (or maybe I feel more prepared?) in that I understand ages and stages and developmentally appropriate milestones now that Lil lady is becoming Preschool- age. (How did that happen so fast?!)

How is your child's preschool celebrating Week of the Young Child? I'd love to glean new ideas!

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