Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy Meetups

For those times when you just want some time off from Mommy duty :)

I was introduced to Meetup by two good friends in two different mom Meetup groups. There is a website and a phone app and the concept is brillant- find a group that interests you (there are tons; ranging from foodie groups to crafting groups, couple groups to book groups. It's awesome!) You can search by inputting your zip code to find local groups. If you can't find a group of interest that's close by you can make your own! How cool is that?! (There is a monthly fee for group moderators btw.) The group moderator posts fun activities for certain days of the week and you 'meetup' at the designated time.

As I mentioned, I am a member of two Mom groups and I've gotten to meet some wonderful women whom also share the title of "mommy". It is so nice to relate and swap stories about all things mommyhood. For the most part the Meetups are for the whole family but there are dedicated Moms Night Outs which are lovely. (Of course the convo occassionally leads back to the kiddies, but who doesn't like to brag about their children?!) It is an easy and fun way to meet new people and also a good way for young children to socialize with others.

I hope you can check Meetup out! Are you already a member? Let me know!

***I'm not in any way compensated for this post, I just enjoy Meetup's services!***

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  1. Never heard of that. Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up! It is so nice to find someone in your area walking the same season of life.

    1. Well I highly recommend it! I'm sure you could find lots of fun things in your area to do. Thanks for stopping by Courtney!



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