Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Kinsey Wore: Aquarium Visit

I am blessed to live by and patron a wonderful children's Consignment boutique The Chatterbaux Shoppe.  I went through a crazy phase of storing/organizing/sizing my daughter's outgrown baby clothes and ended up with a fairly decent pile of gently used clothes that I knew I wouldn't want to use for the future Baby #2 (and that's hoping we have another Girl.  Otherwise we're outta luck!)  So I made my trip to The Chatterbaux and got to unload.  Fast forward 8 months (because life happens.  Am I right?) when I made my return trip, I had earned $30 in credit!  So now I'm hooked and go back fairly often just to peruse the racks.  I have netted my daughter a couple of new tops, a pair of leggings, a handful of books and her favorite, a 3rd replica of her favorite "Bankie". 

 I'm pretty picky when it comes to recycled clothing so the clothes HAVE to be in excellent condition before I purchase; no piling, no stains (I suck at stain removal), no loose seams or thin fabric. Sometimes I'm tempted to get brand name items (Janie and Jack makes me drool) but if the price isn't right, I pass.  I make sure binding and pages are intact with books and there is no visible markings (teeth marks in particular) on Board books. I hope these guidelines will be helpful! 

Hitching a ride on a Sea Otter
Our local Aquarium recently reopened the newly renovated Sea Otter exhibit and I couldn't wait to go! Wanting to dress for the occasion I threw together a cardigan (I actually scored this one for a buck at a city- wide yard sale last summer. Score!) a hand- me- down dress (a size too big so I safety pinned the back; stylist secret, don't tell hehe) white leggings, ankle socks and pink Circo tennies. We had a great day even though it seemed busier than usual. It was a Girls Only trip AND the first time going without the stroller; she behaved wonderfully! I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved, truth be told.) 

 {Happy Wednesday!}


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