Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Kinsey Wore: Rocking boy clothes

My daughter has a fascination with Nickelodeon's revamp of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; she likes to watch with her dad, and I have to admit the theme song is super catchy!  So when we were in Target the other day, she flipped when she saw this T shirt.  And we just had to buy it.  She had more fun picking out clothes in the boys section than all the combined times I've had to drag her through the girls.  First it was Thomas, then it was a TMNT hat and then the shirt.  And what does she say when I ask her if she likes a dress or a pretty top?  "No. I don't like that."  The girl knows what she likes.  So to balance out the boy T (and her short hair, I'm done with questions about her gender.  She's two people!  She wears pink!  Come on now!) I had to throw on a skirt and leggings (of course.)

 TMNT shirt: Target, Skirt and leggings: Genuine Kids, Shoes: gifted

Does anyone else restyle gender specific clothes?  I'd love to hear your styling tricks and tips!

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