Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kinsey's Easter Basket

Gasp!  This is my first year making Kinsey an Easter basket!  I know, I know, a little behind considering she's 3; but on her first Easter she was only 2 months old and I had just returned to work and this Mommy was exhausted!  Last year, both Gramma's went a little over-board and I didn't feel the need to give a third basket (who needs all that candy?!)  So this year, I'm doing it proper and made Kinsey her first mama- made Easter Basket:

I reused last year's felt lamb basket from Target, it is too precious not to recycle :)
 Kinsey is a budding artist so this painting book was perfect.  And who doesn't love Sophia the First? I ordered the Spring Animals counting and patterning cards from Scholastic.  Brian said that it was nerdy but I'm a teacher through and through.  Plus, they're a great open-ended toy when you just use the plastic animals.  The carrot bubbles were actually picked out by Kinsey, "they're so cute!" her words exactly.  Chocolate dipped Peeps (I'm obsessed) and Cadbury eggs round out her basket.  She also picked out some pretty Disney Princess Jelly Belly's that I filled plastic eggs with for her hunt on Sunday.  

{I hope everyone finds some special goodies in their Easter baskets!}

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