Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Craft: Threading Pumpkins

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halloween craft, pumpkin threading, fine motor activity
My second easy- peasy Halloween craft for the Littles!  Felt Pumpkin craft can be found here.

orange construction paper 
a cereal box
glue stick 
a hole punch

I glued orange construction paper onto a cereal box and let dry.  I free formed a pumpkin and then punched holes around the circumference with a hole punch (I also added a brown construction paper 'stem'. It adds street cred. Haha)  I added tape to the ends of the raffia to make it easier to thread and stop fraying.  (Shoelaces could easily be used in place of the raffia, but I liked the natural look of it.)

Threading is a great fine motor activity and helps to develop eye- hand coordination.  It is also a good quiet activity ;)

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