Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What Kinsey Wore: Lingering Summer days

Our Indian Summer days are finally winding down (and I am in no way saddened by this, give me crisp air and overcast skies, please!)  As a last hurrah I pulled this adorable dress out of the closet for one final wearing before being packed up for little sister to one day enjoy (which will probably come much too soon, might I add.)

We visited the old work place so everyone could meet Brielana (I know its been 3 months and she's hardly "new" anymore, but germs run rampant in Preschools and I didn't want her picking up anything funky too soon.)
We received such a warm welcome and I have to say it gave my heart a tug being around all the new students.  There is a magic of its own when a child can recognize a kindred spirit in a grown up and my radar must have been flashing.  I made many new friends and so did Kinsey and Brielana.  Briefly I missed not having a classroom of my own... briefly.  

I also saw some former students from last year and that was special; they were so happy to see Brielana outside of my belly.  I had my ears talked off and my attention going in a million directions but it was a joy.  

Dress: Genuine Kids (gifted)
Gladiator sandals: Old Navy (hand me down)
Headband: Old Navy

I just went back in the archives and found this gem.  First time she wore this dress and I remember having to safety pin the back to fit her better.  Awww :)

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