Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Kinsey Wore: olive and stripes

I think its hilarious whenever Brian asks, "what is she wearing?" in a scandalized voice. Which is often followed by, "she doesn't match" or "that doesn't look right." First off, what does he know anyway? I'm a right, ladies? Well, I had the best retort for him the other day, "Oh it matches. I'll show you on Pinterest." Yes.  I did. He got Pinterest told me to'd.  
(That is how it works Sheaffer, right?!)

I guess it's a little silly to base an argument on a social media site, but this is a legit outfit and Kinsey looks adorable in it.  Plus, you really can't go wrong with stripes (as seen here and here.)  

But I digress.  Why don't you be the judge:

And how fancy are the shoulder bling?!

Sweater: Osh Kosh
Olive pants: Old Navy
Shoes: TOMS (similar), gifted

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  1. SHE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER! And she is rocking the stripes with the olive! And yes. That IS how it works. Hubby needs to get on board! :)
    Sheaffer :)

    1. Many thanks Sheaffer! I'm so glad I got the gold star of approval from you :)


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