Monday, January 19, 2015

A Mad Tea Party: Birthday Party Inspiration

A Mad Tea Party, Alice in Wonderland

A Mad Tea Party by work-it-mommy 

I can't believe in less than a month(!!!) my first born baby will be turning four years old!  We both love Disney's animated classic Alice in Wonderland and touched off by last years Halloween photo shoot, we are still going Wonderland-strong.  I feel a bit behind; seeing as I start prepping for parties like 6 months in advance, but we were toggling the notion of spending her birthday at Disneyland and of course life happens (like an LA wedding in May that will see us visiting the Happiest Place on Earth then.)  

But never fear!  I am in full swing party- planning mode (much to everyone's delight, ha.)

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  1. What a fun theme! I love it. I like that it can be pretty simple too with just touches, or just full on crazy.

    1. Yes! Im trying to keep it refined otherwise I'd be spending crazy money haha. Thankfully I like crafting so I make most of the decorations (and that saves $, too) Gotta love a mood board :)


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