Monday, January 5, 2015

Domain Name Explained

{Try saying that five times fast!}

I've realized a few things about this little ole blog of mine:
  1. it is slowly growing from a work-centric (Preschool classroom posts) to a family/ mom blog
  2. it is reflecting more of me and who I am (outside of my profession) and it is a vulnerable but thrilling experience
So with that in mind, I wanted to share why I am "Work it Mommy".

Being a Mommy in the work force (though now a temporary SAHM) I want to share fun and easy projects that can be done at home with Littles and to bring awareness to Early Childhood Education.  I think camaraderie with other moms is a unique fellowship and appreciate all my mom friends for their advice and support, which I hope to inspire a little of here.  Work it Mommy is an encouragement- like the mom version of "You go, Girl! :) 

Sadly, I am not a work out blog- just to clear up any confusion :)

Thank you for joining me on this journey called life!!!

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