Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Kinsey Wore: denim, leopard and lace

This may be my favorite combination ever (and one I employ in my own dressing.)  Leopard can do no wrong; pair it with denim for a casual vibe and that touch of lace adds just the right amount of femininity.

Denim jacket: Old Navy, thrifted
Lace top: Healthtex
Leopard skinny cords: GapKids, gifted
Mary Janes: TOMS


What are your feelings about leopard print?
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  1. Love! Especially leopard in camel or gray! I still have my Gap jean jacket from our gap's a lifelong staple.

    1. Melissa!!! You don't know how estatic I am that a real life friend just commented on my blog! You made my week! Totally agree, I still have my Gap jacket too :) Thanks for the love!


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