Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Believe: Girl Mom

A love list to being a Girl Mom.  I Believe:

There is no such thing as No Big Deal.  Everything is A BIG DEAL; see a spider, it's A BIG DEAL.  Watching your favorite show (cartoon, in this case), it's A BIG DEAL.  Having a playdate with a friend, A BIG DEAL.  Emotional development at its finest.

In accepting there will be glitter.  Everywhere.

In pink everything.  And occasionally purple.

All little girls are Princesses.  And if you're lucky, you stay one.

Walt Disney got it right.

Raising daughters is my most passionate job.

A hug and a kiss makes everything better.

In fostering a deep sense of self at an early age.  Even if that looks like a strong-willed, stubborn "brat".  The world is only too quick to downplay a girl's assertive qualities when it doesn't conform to days past "meek and subservient views."

Accessorizing is most of the fun.

Playing dress up is an art form.

Singing out loud means being as loud as you can; singing the right words is not mandatory.  Doing the right gestures is extra credit.

A three year old girl is a lot like a 13 year old teenager. Go figure.

"The days are long, but the years are short." Gretchen Rubin

{I love you Kinsey and Brielana}

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