Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Six Months

How old: 6 months- half a year!!!  What the what?!
Weight: 13.12 pounds {up 6 pounds.}
Length: 25.7 inches {up 6.7 inches}
Baby clothes: 6 months size
Diaper size: We just transitioned to a Size 2, but really we could use a "1.5" ;)
Sleep: Brielana is getting ready to drop one nap, but its not consistent as to which one (morning or evening).  Night times have been challenging this past week- lots of fussing and more feedings; which supports my teething theory.
Feeding: Every 4+ hours.
Likes: Gnawing on her Sophie la Girafe (best Christmas gift. EVER.), Putting everything in her mouth.  Trying bites of Mommy's food- we just began Baby Led Weaning.  Lounging in the tub.  Being heard, she is a vocal one!
Dislikes: Having things taken away from her, never mind it shouldn't be her's in the first place; ie- the floor foam mat that she likes to gnaw on.  Ew.
Milestones:  She is scooting around on her belly by using her arms (low- crawling?) and can get pretty far, fast.  Blowing raspberries lol.    Bearing weight on her legs when held up on them.  Sitting upright unsupported for 12 seconds (just don't blink!)  

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