Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Fun at The Farm

The Farm

I have never been to The Farm in all the years I've been driving past it on my way to work (minus this last year, its been 6 years) so when I found out it was the last Story Time of the year, I marked it on the calendar and vowed to finally go!
The Farm

And I'm so glad we went!  It is a small organic farm that had a pumpkin patch, a small collection of animals, and a farm stand plus gift shop/ bakery.  But let's go back to the story time and how we arrived late, haha.

So, I got us lost.  The exit to The Farm isn't well marked coming from our house so I made an early exit and started driving down a service road, not creepy at all.  I corrected fast enough and took the next exit, which was the right one and we only missed 2 stories and 2 songs.  It was kinda a good thing because Kinsey said the story time was boring.  This was the face she made the whole time:

They redeemed themselves by giving us a free snack, home grown strawberries (which were a bit sour haha) and we moved onto the farm stand with gift shop and bakery.  We picked up two goodies and made our way to the animals.

It is my life dream to own chickens one day so I was in heaven.  There was also a couple of goats and 4 bunnies.  Kinsey was bummed she couldn't reach them to give a pet.

And then to the highlight of our visit: the hay bales and pumpkin patch!  Let it be noted we didn't buy any pumpkins otherwise my husband would have felt left out ;)  Kinsey got all sweaty running and climbing all over this hale bale castle and there were a bunch of kids her age playing together.  Brielana found a hole her first opportunity and sunk to her knees in hay.  

 Brielana much preferred the pumpkin patch.  She was trying to corral these two pumpkins and pick them up at the same time.  A+ for effort!  She was quite determined.

My favorite "artsy shot" the top of the head.  I have more of these pictures of both Kinsey and Brielana than is probably normal, haha.  But baby hair and tiny heads does it for me.
I was finally able to pry Kinsey way from the hay and we got some pictures with the barrel cows.  Some one was very happy.

I tried getting Kinsey to sit in "Olivia" since that's her middle name, but she wanted to be in front.  #Firstborncontrolissues (I have them too haha!)

We ended up staying for a good 2 hours and it was way past Brielana's nap time when we headed out, thankfully she not a big cranky pants.  Kinsey played with her souvenir that she picked out from the gift shop, isn't that cute?  Those pieces are magnetic.

 And we had our treat when we got home: apple cider doughnut muffins.
The Farm

These babies set off my search for pumpkin doughnut muffins and I landed on this recipe by Martha Stewart that is phenomenal!  You have got to make them and let me know how you liked them!  You won't be disappointed!
Fall Fun at The Farm // pumpkin doughnut muffins on Work it Mommy blog

It was a great outing and I look forward to visiting The Farm again soon!  Apparently they have Halloween and Christmas festivals I hope we can go to!

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  1. Apple cider donut muffins?!?! Everyone has been sharing about apple cider donuts and I've been so jealous!!! I'm gonna need to try that recipe.
    Also, that place looks awesome! So cool they have a pumpkin patch and story time and songs too. Looks like a fun day!

  2. too funny about story time being booooring. We've never done a story time anywhere. Aria loves being read to, so who knows. Not as fun that you can't pet the animals. Seems pointless to just watch them. I want goats! I think it would be pretty fun to have a little farm....super little. A few animals to take care of.

  3. How fun! Going to try that pumpkin donut recipe, yum! What a fun place for the kids to run around in, 2 hours of play time, win in my book!

  4. That farm looks AH-MAY-ZING!! Though I'm from Iowa I didn't grow up on a farm, but my best friend did, and it was so similar to the one you visited (minus the story time, rides, and shop ;)). So, farms like the one you went to are my jam and hold a fond place in my heart. I wish there was something like that near us.
    As for pumpkin muffins by Martha? Sounds DEVINE! Now, if only the temps would just drop below 80 I'd be willing to fire up my oven. :)

  5. What a fun outing! We went to a pumpkin patch this weekend and got apple cider donuts and they are unbelievable. I cannot stop eating them! Bummer that story time was boring but I'm glad the other activities were entertaining! :)

  6. Oh man! So much fun!!! I wish we had a big shindig like that here. But alas. No such luck.

  7. Those muffins look delicious! Pumpkin bread is on my agenda for tomorrow, but those make have to happen next week.

  8. Looks like they had a blast on the hay bale castle! I definitely need to try those Martha muffins. They look amazing! Pinning!

  9. Story time at the Farm? YES PLEASE!

  10. What a cool place!!! I REALLY want to own chickens to but sadly the math doesn't really add up for us here.... and my husband says NO. Lol.

  11. Ez isn't all that into story time half the time either. But hay and pumpkins is a guaranteed good time! Lots of adorable photos here. And that magnetic book is a great idea. Ez is super into magnets.


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