Monday, November 16, 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

The sweet Leslie at This is for Keeps nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award and I am humbled. Making friends through blogging has been the single most amazing thing to come of sharing about my family on the internet. Community is real, folks!
The Versatile Blogger Award

So the rules of accepting this award are as follows:
 Thank the person who nominated you
 Link back to their blog
 Share 7 facts about yourself
 Nominate up to 15 other bloggers

Seven Facts about Me:

1// I love to plan and organize but my method of organization is to make piles, so it doesn't look the neatest. But let me tell you, I know where everything is in those piles!

2// I hang my clothes in color-coordinated groups (black, gray, beige/yellow, brown/tan, white, blue, purple, burgundy, red) in descending sleeve length, from tank tops to long sleeves. Coats are separate and so are jeans and skirts. I've had my closet organized this way since high school and was inspired by Cher Horowitz's closet from Clueless.

3// I've had a love for baking since I was 7 when I received My First Cookbook from my Gramma, which I still own and can't wait to pass down to Kinsey and Brielana.

4// Since having my purse stolen I have not carried one around and it is liberating! I never thought about NOT having one but since switching it is very freeing. Though I would have liked to learned that through choice not experience.

5// I have only ever had one speeding ticket and one parking violation (my meter ran out). This can probably be contributed to the fact that I drive like a granny.

6// I have never been ice skating. And have a slight fear of it actually. I am not the most coordinated person and could totally see myself falling on my face and cracking my teeth. With that being said, I used to roller blade and did fine. On a side note, I haven't rode a bike in years and the first time back on one, scared me to death! Anyone else?
7// I'm a stickler for rules. I like order and knowing what I can do before doing it. I may have control- issues. Hi, I'm Whitney and I'm Type A.

In the wake of me sharing 30 on 30, this was a lot harder than it seems ;)

I nominate:
Amanda @ Tickled Pink
Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup
Elizabeth @ Chasin Mason
Evelina @ Fortunate House
Stephanie @ Wife Mommy Me

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  1. I color code my closet too! My husband laughs at me. It it's so much easier to find something that way. I make piles too and they just get moved around sometimes. Ha ha!

  2. Ah, thanks for the nomination! And I do believe we would be best friends in real life, I have those same piles. And #7, YES! It's me to a tee, hello My name is Sarah and I'm Type A.

  3. My closet is organized by color, too! ROY-G-BIV! And each season of clothes has its own space (therefore, I have three ROY-G-BIVs going on in my closet).
    I wish I had your speeding record. I have a led foot! I'm surprised I've only ever gotten 3 tickets... But, parking tickets? HA! I think I racked up at least 5-6 in my first year of living in LA.

  4. We are totally sisters lady. My closet is organized in a similar fashion. I have only had one ticket my whole life (so far) and I am a total klutz who also has loved baking since childhood. Add that to our already long list of similarities eh?!

    I'll save this for January when life (and my blog) get boring ;).

  5. We might be the same person my dear. Most of these! Except I don't drive like a granny ;-)

    Thanks for the nom!

  6. Thanks for the nomination. I can't handle your piles. I'd have to walk behind you and tidy up!

  7. Aw thank you so much for the nomination!! You are so sweet!
    Cher's closet was everythinggggg. I also arrange by colour thanks to her! Now I just need the computer software to put outfits together for me.

  8. Same here with the color coded closet. That sucks about your purse being stolen. Do you just go the wallet route now? I wish I've only ever had one ticket!

  9. Same here with the color coded closet. That sucks about your purse being stolen. Do you just go the wallet route now? I wish I've only ever had one ticket!

  10. Awww. Thanks for the nom! You are totally my sista from another mista! The fact that you even mentioned Clueless and her closet makes us besties. I do have to point out one difference I've found between us. The baking. I try. I really do but I'm more of a cook than a baker for sure. I like to be all willy nilly and not so precise in the kitchen! Can't wait to play along!

  11. Thanks for the nomination! I agree on the closet organization. Well I used to be better, it's a little color un-organized at the moment.
    You said since your purse got stolen, you don't use one? What do you do now? How do you carry your phone, wallet, keys, etc? I'd be lost without a purse and Mason wouldn't know where to go searching for snacks LOL

  12. I loved learning more about you! I color coordinate my closet, too! And Mason's as well. Makes it so much easier to find things when you have an outfit in mind. And going without a purse? I don't know if I could do that. I think my purse is kind of like my security blanket. In some weird way! If that makes sense at all. Thanks for the nomination sweet lady!!


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