Thursday, March 31, 2016

Currently // March

Watching// Superstore with Brian because we are "testing out" Hulu (air quotes because Brian is d-y-i-n-g to subscribe.) It is so funny!!! Amazing! It reminds me of The Office and Parks and Rec but without the interviews. 
Reading// I am back on track! The Lacuna has been back-burnered and I have read two books and started a third, since last month! The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Storiesby Marina Keegan hit me hard. That beautiful girl on the cover is Marina and she died at the age of 19, right after graduating from Yale. These collected essays and short stories are the culmination of her passion for writing and it makes me feel so sad knowing she never got to fulfill her dreams. This is a hauntingly beautiful reminder to live life fully and with appreciation. Big Trouble by Dave Barry is a hilarious and quick read. I actually saw the movie first (I fell in love with Zooey Daschenal in this!) and didn't realize it was a book until finding it in the little free library box a couple of weeks ago. I just started Cheryl Strayed's Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail and will follow it up by watching the movie, ha!
Dreaming of// One of my besties Dana will be visiting next week and I literally had a dream about her and it made me so happy!
Eating// Ham. Forgive me non pork eaters, but once Easter hits, all I can think about is honey ham. 
Wishing// we could do over the month of March. How much fun was packed into these 31 days?! 
Obsessed with// Our garden; I may not know what I am doing, but I'm having fun playing gardener anyway! Funny how a box of dirt and some sprouts make me feel so productive and hopeful.
Loving// On my sweet girls! 
Planning// Brian's 30th Birthday is in April and I want to do something fun. Any ideas?!
Pinning// Holiday foods and spring outfit inspiration.
Wearing// My white Converse !

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  1. Yes, to Superstore... I love it! It's so freaking funny and I can't wait for it to be back on! And only just turning 30... I'll be planning chris' 40th in 2 years!!!

  2. I'm dreaming about gardens too!! We aren't doing a lot in our new hard this year to see what's already there but I'm chomping at the bit to do some planting. :) love the converse.

  3. Ok, I need to check out Superstore. I LOVED Parks and Rec and was SO bummed when the show ended. I wonder if I can find Superstore on AmazonPrime or Netflix?? Time to investigate.
    YAY for besties visiting!! I love nothing more than when mine visits. I hope you two have the best time ever!
    Those converse - so cute!! How in the world do you keep them so white? I have the canvas color and about 2 seconds in to wearing them and they were already scuffed.

  4. I want to see Superstore so bad! And Wild is a great read!!! The movie is wonderful too, so enjoy!

  5. Yay for white converse. I just got my first pair and am loving them. Although the right shoe always seems to hurt the top of my foot by the end of the day...I must have fat feet...

  6. I'd love to redo March!!

    I threw Luke a surprise fiesta for his birthday. :) How about bowling? Does he like baseball? Luke & I took a tour of Miller Park a long time ago. It was so fun!

  7. Thanks for the book recs, I need to check those out. And I love your Chucks! Hooray for warmer weather!

  8. Yay for white converse! I forget, does Brian like beer? I mean many guys do, but what about a bar hop to different breweries?


  9. March was a great month, wasn't it?!?
    I love your Converse. I just bought myself my first pair since high school!
    I hope you have a great visit with your best friend. XOXO

  10. Mike and I watched an episode of Superstore and we didn't really love it. But I think maybe we need to watch a couple more episodes to get into it! Have you thought able maybe going for a little weekend getaway for his birthday?
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  11. I couldn't put The Opposite of Loneliness down once I started. So very sad! She had so much talent. My heart hurt at her loss.

  12. Superstore is intriguing to me. Is it only on Hulu? I've been pinning spring outfit inspiration too. That book The Opposite of Loneliness sounds like a really sad story.

  13. Mmmmm, honey ham. I just love that stuff so much. I am sure you will come up with something perfect and amazing for Brian, I believe in you!


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