Monday, March 7, 2016

Whitney Wears // 1 Sweatshirt, 3 ways

I quietly participated in a style challenge last month and I took two important things away from that experience:
1) No one can dress me better than I can dress myself
2) I enjoy styling my clothes even though I hardly ever share fashion on here.

So, I think I am going to start sharing some of my outfits! Bear with me as I figure out how to take outfit selfies, it is seriously an art form ;)  Also, any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.

I recently discovered Anne's blog through Becky and loved her #MomStyle Remix challenge! This month's prompt was sweatshirt and I knew immediately what to share!
You see, this is my go to sweatshirt; I wear it practically every week (anyone else guilty of doing that?) so finding new ways to wear it is a must. This was even one of those "iffy" purchases from Gap during a huge sale that I got "just to try out" and then fell immediately in love. 

I'm a layer-er by nature but having a long tank top underneath is mandatory due to the detailing.
sweater and jeggings, Gap
tunic tank top, Target
Scarf, Forever 21
Steve Madden Sneakers
Adding a scarf and sneakers keeps this look casual.
faux fur vest, Coldwater Creek
Rampage boots
Adding the faux fur vest and boots makes it a little more dressy. 
Burgundy jeggings, Gap
Leopard sneakers, Target
And my favorite way to wear this sweater is with my burgundy jeans and leopard sneakers, which in fact, I wore yesterday.

So, how was that? Not too awkward, right? ;)

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  1. Cute! I love your scarf, too!

  2. I want that sweatshirt! So cute. I like all three styles. All are comfy but very stylish! And not awkward at all. Great job. ;)

  3. Not awkward at all! It's funny because I felt late to the leopard obsession, but I'm so glad I got a pair of leopard sneakers... The instantly make an outfit a little more interesting. I also love your fur vest!!!

  4. That is an awesome sweatshirt! I love all the ways you styled it! Share more fashion, friend :)


  5. Love that sweatshirt! And I love all three ways that you paired it. Pretty mama!!

  6. I have too many pieces that I wear every week (sometimes in different ways)! Love this!!

  7. Love that sweater shirt, looks so comfy! Super Versatile too! I think you did pretty good on the selfies :)

  8. Love all your styles! That sweater is perfect for Cali weather. And I too am guilty of wearing the same few pieces on permanent rotation, even though I've got a closet FULL of clothes ;)

  9. You nailed it and I am totally in love with that sweatshirt.... an your burgundy jeans... and... and... and.

  10. I loved how you paired the sweatshirt with the faux fur vest and then with the burgundy pants. But look so cute!

  11. I'm right there with you... Why are outfit selfies so hard? I LOVE that sweatshirt and I think my favorite pairing is with the faux fur vest. Cute, cute, cute!

  12. I love your sweatshirt and the different ways of dressing it up or down.

  13. So great that you joined in with posting your outfits... and even better because we have really similar sweatshirts, so I can totally copy some of your stylish ideas! I love it with the fur vest especially, but the colored jeans and leopard sneakers are fun too.

  14. That is a cute sweatshirt!!! There are about five things on constant rotation in my wardrobe, and a pair of jeans that come out so often I'm sure people probably wonder if I have any other jeans.
    Love all the ways you styled your top!!

  15. So cute!!! I love the sweatshirt and I especially love the combo with the leopard flats and the burgundy jeans. I don't have any colored jeans because I don't know how often I would wear them but this makes me want to get some!

  16. So cute! I love the first the best, but they all rock. I'm terribly unfashionable. =(


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