Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Things {TTBH #6}

I had the hardest time coming up with ideas for this post! It was a case of "too many options" (hello, spring/St Patrick's/Easter/Dr Seuss month!) and being indecisive- such a bad combination. But once I narrowed it down I got super excited to share the Spring Things we have been doing together lately!

Kinsey has been super focused on her alphabet and numbers. She can identify almost all of the letters and can spell and write her name. We hit a rough patch with counting the "teens"- anything after 13 is unclear, so we are busy practicing away!

{Sprouting Letters}
Sprouting letter: DIY letter recognition and spelling fun!
I made these veggie letters and corresponding letter planters cut free-handed from construction paper and laminated (of course ;) In hindsight I would have laminated the yellow construction paper backing as well. For Kinsey, we skipped the planters and just used the carrots, turnips and radishes. She arranged them in alpha order and then found the letters of her name. Because I only made one of each letter, not all words can be spelled, ahem, B-r-i-e-l-a-n-a, but we make do.

{Blooming Numbers}
Blooming Numbers: a DIY counting and number activity
I made these 3(?) years ago by cutting standard printer paper in half and drawing the circles by tracing around a quarter. I added the stems and leaves for decoration and laminated. I use pom poms as the blooms but you can use anything on hand. I only have a 1-10 set so I just add whatever number we're working onto the 10 and we count from there, so she's also getting in a little bit of math ;)
Blooming Numbers: counting activity
And when in doubt, flashcards! Good ole 3 x 5 index cards to the rescue! 

{Gardening Play Set}
This Play Garden playset was mine growing up, a gift from my gramma that I had the foresight to preserve. I think all the pieces are accounted for even because I was that kid. Anyway, this is fun and makes for a nice and quiet activity or a busy book activity during dinner prep.

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  1. Such great ideas!! I love the pom pom flowers and the alphabet veggies. Kinley looks slike she's having a great time.

  2. Love it! I shared some alphabet activities too, but I love how yours are spring themed!

  3. Love all the veggie letters, how cute! I feel like I need a laminater (is that not a word???) after all of your posts.

  4. How cute is the pom pom idea?! Marcus had trouble for a while counting past 12. Suddenly we'd go from 12 to 15, and I was like, "Whoa, buddy! I think we skipped a few." :)
    I'm impressed you hung on to your garden play set, and even more impressed you have all the pieces!

  5. Love those veggie letters, so fun to learn with!

  6. You are such a punk,hehe! Goodness you say you are stuck and then you knock it out of the park! You make me smile friend. I love these activities.

  7. That's such a cute idea! Lily would love it. I'll have to attempt to post about the basic addition game that I made for Lily and link up soon!

    1. Please do, Stefanie!!! Your water table activities are awesome too!

  8. Those sprouting letters are ADORABLE! You're awesome.

  9. Fun ideas! We're trying to work on counting. Right now Ez just counts to three then starts over, like a drill sergeant ;)

  10. Sprouting letters and blooming numbers?? I LOVE THIS! SUCH a cute and fun idea to incorporate multiple things into one teaching moment!

  11. Love all of this! And so cool that you saved your Play Garden for your kiddos. That's awesome. I am so ready for Spring, and bright colors and sunshine!!

  12. Love those sprouting letters! What a cute idea! Totally stealing that one!


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