Thursday, March 24, 2016

#KinseyQuotes v3.0

I have a slight obsession with baby feet. They're so tiny and cute and they don't smell half bad. I guess my love for them has gone to Kinsey's head! I was trying to clip Kinsey's toenails one night and she responds with this, "You're going to hurt my perfectly smooth, soft feet."

Kinsey would be barefoot all day every day if it was up to her and Brielana is starting to follow suit. Kinsey was sitting with her on the couch and said, "We're just two barefoot cuties!"

Kinsey has been calling Brielana, "Brie" lately (which is just darling) and she took a whiff of her hair and quipped, "It smells Brie-ish." 

"I don't want to be the mom of this house!" I had asked Kinsey to clean up her toys and she had a fit, tears, crying and this proclamation. I can't say it didn't flatter me just a little bit. But then not. Haha.

"It's not funny Whitney to laugh at your own child!" This definitely showcases her flair for dramatics. I was laughing because she said at night Stella sleeps on her legs and she can't move them and that makes her want to cry. 

One morning Kinsey was awake before Brielana so we got in a rare cuddling on Kinsey's bed. We we're just talking about our day when she stated matter of fact, "I think a snack will hold me up." 

Stabilize- stale, not fresh.
"These crackers are stabilized." 
Not entirely sure how this came about but she uses it frequently in place of 'stale'.

Kinsey was eating lunch and I was trying to put away some toys without her noticing (anyone else sneak cleans? No? Just me?) and she was following my every movement, "I'm watching my eyes on you" complete with the two-finger hand gesture! This girl is hilarious.

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  1. HA ha! She is awesome. She says the best things. Smells Brie-ish is the best!

  2. oh how funny!!! I'm thinking a snack will hold me up too… and yeah, I'm obsessed with baby feet too!!!

  3. I love these posts! It must be so strange to hear your kid call you by your name. I don't think Ez even knows my name yet.

  4. lol sneak cleaning? what is that? why? maybe I'm just too messy for such doings!
    Those are so funny though. Stablize ha. And a snack will hold me up, each one of these had me laughing. Kids are the best chatters.

  5. Oh I love these! She's so cute. Kids say the best stuff!

  6. "It's not funny Whitney"!!! So classic!

  7. She called you Whitney?! Haha!

  8. Stabilized!!! I am dying!! I love the things they say. I'm still laughing over Connor saying I have eye hairs (eye lashes).

  9. Kids crack me up at the phrases and gestures they imitate and how they use the wrong words sometimes! I love that K calls her Brie... And Brie-ish is so cute!

  10. “I don’t want to be the mom of this house” – I am dying!! So funny. What a clever one you have there.

  11. She is so funny! My kiddos HATE getting their toes clipped. Such a battle!


  12. I love the things kids say. It's always so blunt and honest, and hilarious.
    Smells "Brie-ish," LOL!!!!
    I love the dramatic flair. Life with girls wouldn't be the same without it.

  13. Stabilized oh goodness I died and now this will forever be stabilized to me. Such a funny girl.

  14. I can't believe she did that eye hand gesture thing! She seems so mature and beyond her years!! I would be cry-laughing all day at statements like that!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  15. She is hilarious. I love that she called you Whitney, haha.


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