Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Fun List// Leprechaun Trap and Scavenger Hunt

Disclaimer: I have never celebrated St Patrick's Day with the girls. I'm not Irish and always felt awkward buuuuut as it turns out Brian does have some Irish in him and now there are no limits. Actually I was madly inspired by Courtney and her love of all holidays. This low-key holiday turned out to be the most fun to celebrate and we're already looking forward to next year!

Leprechaun Trap//
Leprechaun Trap
We started two days before St Patrick's Day by gathering and painting some repurposed/recyclable items for a Leprechaun Trap. I found a bunch of fun traps on Pinterest and showed Kinsey to get ideas for ours. 

She wanted a slide, a trap door, stairs and a bridge and added some tape (this was all Kinsey's brilliant idea) inside the trap to really stick our Leprechaun. It turned out so adorable!

We didn't snag a Leprechaun but he did leave a special note on the tape trap! Kinsey thought it was so cute and small. This genius idea was found here. My dang pen started running out on me so disregard the crappy scrawls at the bottom. And yes, O'Malley is the name of our Leprechaun, it's the only Irish mane I could think of courtesy of The Aristocats haha.

Scavenger Hunt//
Leprechaun treasure hunt

When Courtney posted this St Patrick's Day treasure hunt printable I was so excited! Coincidentally Kinsey's 6-week earrings mark was on St Patrick's Day and a pair of lucky clover earrings was the perfect prize.

Fun with Food//
Shamrock shaped green waffles because I heart my waffle maker.
Shamrock waffles
Lucky Charms magic bars recipe here. I liked them much better after the first day, the flavors melded together and became nice and chewy.
Lucky Charms magic bars
We had white cheddar mac n cheese so naturally I added green food coloring and peas and we were good for dinner!
Green macNcheese with peas

Checking off our Spring Fun List:

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  1. The trap is adorable!! What a sneaky guy to get past Kinsey's amazing trap. Love all the activities you guys did. Very creative.

  2. I love it!!! We just wear green on St Patrick's day but I'm tempted to go all out next year! I love the Lego addition to your leprechaun trap!

  3. What fun! I'd never heard of leprechaun traps until this year.


  4. I LOVE all the festiveness! She looks like she enjoyed it!

  5. 6 week earring mark! Oh my does that bring back the biggest set of memories for me!!!! So much fun! That leprechaun trap is so genius. I'm going to pin that for next year! Lily would adore that. Although, construction & engineering is daddy's genre. ha! We had a great time with that scavenger hunt too! A definite must!

  6. Oh my goodness this was so cute. I really wished I had done SOMETHING, anything for St. Patty's day now. That 6th week is so sweet! My girls LOVE being able to change their earrings!

  7. That leprechaun trap is SO cute! And what an awesome idea to add green food coloring to the mac and cheese. I need to remember this for next year!

  8. FUN!! We didn't do the trap this year, but I'm adding to our fun for next St. Patty's Day!!

  9. Such fun ways to celebrate the holidays. I never knew about the catching a leprechaun until this year. So cool.

  10. I have never heard of leprechaun traps before this year. Sounds like something kids would totally love! And your green mac and cheese looks awesome!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  11. You and others are making me wish I could have done something more for the holiday but let's face it, I save all my holiday spirit for the winter and the greatest holiday of all... CHRISTMAS.

  12. So much fun stuff! That looks like the best lucky charms recipe ever. It's been so long since I've had magic bars. And those earrings are so cute. Now all the earring fun can really begin :)

  13. Seriously Courtney inspires me to celebrate holidays. I love her love of holidays and all the fun things she does. I only wish every holiday was on a weekend so I could fully celebrate! This year we did nothing and I felt pretty lame about it, but oh well, what can ya do. Mason's teachers just sent home a bunch of art work that he did for St. Patrick's Day so at least he got to celebrate at school!

  14. We had so much fun celebrating this holiday for the first time ever, too! Your trap came out so cute. Thank you for telling me about this awesome idea. The scavenger hunt sounds like fun. We will have to do one next year. You guys are already on a roll with your Spring list. I need to get mine posted. Great pictures, friend.

  15. Love your leprechaun trap! And what a fun idea to do a scavenger hunt! We need to do that next year!

  16. That trap is so cool!!! I've seen them from year to year but never tried one. We will have to when Aria can really get her hands into the project.


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