Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kinsey Behind the Blog {April}

The Kids Behind the Blog
A new month a new Kinsey behind the blog interview! She was especially talkative this round and maybe a bit silly. I'm linking up with some of my favorite ladies!

1) What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?
Kinsey: Play games, hide-n-seek, run around, piggy back rides? And Maddie and Bella pick me up. My other favorite thing is going to their house. And my other favorite thing is playing at the park, going to the beach and eating at a restaurant, lemonade and mac n cheese!

2) Who is your favorite person?
Kinsey: Like my best friend?
Me: It can be a friend or a family member.
Kinsey: My favorite friend is Adriana.
Brian: She means me.
Kinsey: Yeah, my favorite person is Daddy.

3) When playing outside, what do your ideal sunny day plans look like?
Kinsey: Bring a ball, pillow fight-
Me: You pillow fight outside?
Kinsey: Maybe water play. There'd be popsicles and candy.

4) What do you like to do when it's raining? (Since April showers bring May flowers)
Kinsey: Jump in puddles but I hate getting mud from them though.

5) If you could plant a garden of anything, what would you plant?
Me: Oh! What do we have growing in our garden?!
Kinsey: tomatoes, ugly zucchini, vegetables?
Me: What about the fruit you picked out?
Kinsey: uh, strawberries!
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  1. Ha ha! She was talkative! Love it. I love that said said ugly zucchini. So funny.

  2. These posts are just the best! I love all of her favorites!

  3. She was talkative this time! I'm cracking up because Noah always gives such short answers. He loves the interviews but never elaborates. Is it because of the age difference or is it that girls start talking more than boys even at a young age lol???

  4. Baha ha! I love Brian inserting his comment and her going right along. Also not liking the mud. Yup, our girls would get along just perfectly.

  5. Popsicles and candy - my kind of day!

  6. I just love these answers. I can see her smiling through it all. From the linkup. Thanks for sharing these with all of us. Loved!

  7. Brian chiming in is hilarious! And apparently zucchini are ugly? LOL!

  8. Lemonade and Mac and cheese!! She knows what she likes! Haha
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  9. Cute interview! Love the ugly zucchini!

  10. Could Kinsey be any cuter?! Love that photo of her. And her answers are just adorable. I want to play outside with her. Girlfriend knows how to have fun…pillow fights, balls, water play, popsicles and candy! Yeah! I’m curious why she called the zucchini ugly? Haha!


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