Thursday, April 14, 2016

April Portraits {The Picture Perfect Project #4}

Can I just say how fast April arrived?! March was so busy that now that it's a new month I feel completely unprepared. Hope I'm not the only one...
The Picture Perfect Project
For this Picture Perfect Project I wanted to work on my indoor photography. I'm not very strong on capturing moments with indoor lighting and figured practice makes perfect. The perk of doing indoor lighting is that I didn't feel like editing was necessary and saved myself a step.

This is one of my favorite pictures from this year; lace dresses, faux fur rug, sweet girls. It just doesn't get much better than this. We were in the girl's room for this picture. It has one big window that faces west.
 Settings AP 2.2 ISO 50 S 1/29

The girls crawled into my bed for a morning cuddle session.  The main source of light is a pair of french doors and is north west facing (that's totally a guess, I really have no clue?!)
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 500 S 1/14

This is in the girls room again Kinsey is leaning against the closet the window is to her right.
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 200 S 1/29

This is the recliner in our living room the light is to her left.
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 320 S 1/23

Again, in their bedroom laying on her converted crib, the window is to her left.
 Settings AP 2.2 ISO 250 S 1/19

This is in the upstairs kitchen with an overhead skylight and a window to her left. She clearly was enjoying a chocolate chip muffin treat.
Settings AP 2.2 ISO 200 S 1/29

And because I am a doting Mommy I have to say that my babies eyes just slay me! So big and expressive. Also I may have a bit of eyelash envy too.
Thanks for joining us for this month's Picture Perfect Project! We will be back next month on Thursday, May 12th!

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  1. Beautiful girls!! Love the pictures. I really struggle with getting decent pictures inside. They always have a yellow tone from the lights.

  2. Yes, their eyes are amazing! And that first photo is my personal favorite! So sweet!

  3. Love, love, love that first photo! That's a framer for sure!

  4. Awww the pictures of the girls together are so sweet!

  5. These are so sweet. They do have the most big beautiful eyes!

  6. I struggle with indoor photography, especially when natural light isn't abundant. All of yours turned out great and I love the one of them in the white dresses!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  7. That first picture is just beautiful! Framer for sure!

  8. Those pretty blue..or is it green eyes? Your girls, gorgeous!

  9. Oh my goodness. They are so gorgeous! I love these photos. You're doing SO GOOD on the manual setting!!!

  10. Gorgeous ladies!!!
    That first one though - the lace, the fur, the way they are snuggled. DYING. That needs a frame or a canvas!

  11. Oh my, that first picture is everything!!!

  12. Indoor photography is so, so hard. I have the worst lighting in my house. But friend, you mastered it. These photos are great and your babies are adorable. I have major eyelash envy, too!

  13. Indoors is so hard. You did fantastic! That first photo of the girls is AMAZING too. You need to frame that one!

  14. Indoors is so hard. You did fantastic! That first photo of the girls is AMAZING too. You need to frame that one!


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