Friday, May 20, 2016

5 on Friday // winning

I'm shocked, truth be told, that I'm here again with another 5 on Friday. I guess when you actually have things to share it isn't so hard coming up with five items. And this week has been pretty great if I do say so myself ;)

On the Blog//

Nickle and Suede//
Nickle and Suede earrings

I have been a big fan of Kilee and her blog for years (fact: she was one of the first blogs I ever followed), so when she and her husband started their leather earring business, I was like #fangirl. Buuuuut I don't really wear earrings (3 holes later lol) so I just coveted from afar. Then two of my favorite ladies, Sarah and Vanessa tagged me in an IG giveaway and I won a pair! 

Favorite new recipe//
slow cooker pork chop recipe
As I mentioned earlier I'm counting calories and finding new recipes has been an obsession. Well, I found the perfect slow cooker pork chop recipe of all time here. It is so flavorful and tender! I made it twice in two weeks and the second time I shredded it and used it in tacos, yum. Sorry if you don't eat pork, we can pretend I never wrote this.

Bible Journaling//

One of my quarterly goals has been to create more time reading the Bible and getting in my worship. This month has been full of special dedicated Bible time and I feel so much better! Plus I've been practicing my watercolor painting.

GapKids and Baby Casting Call//
GapKids casting call 2016
GapKids casting call 2016
We all know my love for Gap goes wayyyy back to when I used to work there starting at 19 years old. So it's no surprise that I submit the girls into their open Casting Call every year. I mean, how fun, right?! 

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  1. Those earrings are amazing!! Love that color on you too! The watercolors you did in your bible are beautiful. What a great way to look back and remember the words. Like taking notes, but in a fun way. :) Those pictures of the girls that you entered are adorable. I love them!

  2. Love those pics of the girls! Calorie counting!!! I have to start back next week :-s

  3. How awesome that you won their giveaway! Super cool.

    Have a great weekend, Whitney!

  4. Love the earrings! Reading my Bible more has been one of my goals as well. I love all the colors and pictures in your Bible, it is beautiful! I am also counting calories as well trying to lose my baby weight so I will be trying this recipe, thanks for sharing!

  5. Those earrings are gorgeous and look great on you!! I am loving your bible journaling! You’re so good at it. I have the bible, but haven’t started the journaling part of it. I think I am afraid I will ruin it. Not by marking in it, but by not being good at the illustrations part. Your girls would make the cutest little Gap models!! Happy weekend, friend!

  6. Off to check out the pork chop recipe! What a great week!

  7. I love those earrings! I've had my eyes on those for a while, but I worry they'll be too big for my small-ish head. That pork chop recipe looks amazing! And with brussels sprouts - yum!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. I eat pork and love the slow cooker! Please share how you made your sides too!!!

  9. That pork recipe sounds so good!!! I'm definitely going to try it. Plus anything I can make in the slow cooker is a plus for me!
    LOVING the pictures girlfriend!!
    And what Meghan said... how do you make your sides??

  10. I have definitely been admiring them from afar too! Love the color you picked out, and crock pot pork chops, I"m in!

  11. Love seeing Friday randomness from you friend and I am LOVING those earrings too! Hope your week is off to a good start!


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