Friday, May 27, 2016

Rewind Friday // Play with me Mommy

Welcome to the first Rewind Friday! I love the idea of breathing new life into older posts that didn't get as much love the first time around. I wen't back into my archives and am starting from the beginning. 
Rewind Friday Play with me Mommy

This was my 8th post ever written {Wednesday April 3, 2013} and it just brings me joy. Joy looking back at a newly two year old Kinsey. Joy that her still wanting to play with me is the greatest feeling in the world. Joy that I now have two beautiful daughters that call me mommy. Joy, joy, joy. And, if I'm being honest, a touch of sad that Kinsey will never be that small again, sigh.

Here is a little sneak peek:
I have a new favorite phrase. It's like music to my ears. It makes my heart beat with joy and floods me with all sorts of feel-good endorphins (and it doesn't require a trip to the gym. Bonus? I'd say so.) It is up there with my other favorites including, "Will you be my wife?" and "you're having a girl". What makes this phrase amazing? My newly 2-year-old daughter says it with a light in her eyes and a smile on her face, "Play with me mommy!" It gets me every time.

As a Preschool Teacher I prepare and facilitate a room that is conducive to play. Read: I get paid to play! (I am so blessed.) Play is an essential part of healthy social and emotional and physical development and as parents we are the very first playmates our children have. { more Play with me Mommy...}

I still believe every word of this post wholeheartedly and hope you'll find joy in reading it too. 

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  1. "Play with me Mommy"! I love it. I hear those words a lot and how can you say no? :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh I love this! What I love most about it is how you welcome that request. I hear many moms complain that they don't like to "play" with their kids so it's a breath of fresh air :)

  3. I totally forgot about this! Shoot! What a great post!

  4. Play with me.... I love those words. Enjoy those words and moment, they grow up too fast. From the Friday linkup.

  5. Such a great reminder to not worry about the ever growing to-do list and just make time for fun and play this holiday weekend!

  6. I loved this! That is also one of my favorite things to hear as well. Our four year old is often asking, "Mommy, will you play with me?" and it makes me feel so good!

  7. SO SWEET! That is one of my favorite things -- when Mason comes over and taps me or brings me something to show me. The happiness and pure joy on his face is priceless. I love playing with him and seeing the simple things bring him so much joy!

  8. Aaaahhhhh, so stinking sweet friend. She is so little!!!

  9. I love this throwback post. I didn't get to read it the first time so I love being able to now.


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