Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Days {The Picture Perfect Project #5}

I have some grand plans to try out some new photography techniques but life happened and I will have to postpone that share for another Picture Perfect Project. But I do have some precious pictures of my girls as consolation ;)
The Picture Perfect Project #5 May
Our happy place is anywhere out of doors (does anyone else have nature babies?) so the majority of these pictures finds the girls in their natural habitat, the backyard.

The hand holding just slays me. Not sure who's leading who but it's darling nonetheless.
AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/586
 And such sweet little cheesers.
 AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/372

Kinsey is all of a sudden just growing up so fast. I get glimpses of her future teen self and it's thrilling and heartbreaking all at once.
AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/2933
AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/954

This girl is just too much spunk for her own good. The personality on this one, I'm telling you.
 AP 2.2 ISO 320 S 1/16
AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/695

The Picture Perfect Project #5
I only did this one of Kinsey to brighten up her lovely face.
The Picture Perfect Project #5 May

Thank you for joining us for another installment of The Picture Perfect Project! Add your link below! We'll be back next month on Thursday, June 9th.

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  1. The sister love...precious!! Their smiles are so contagious. :)

  2. Love that first one with the hand holding - super duper sweet =) But no no no to the teenager days. Those are many many years away...about 35 I think.

  3. Awww, so stinkin cute! Love that you put your camera settings and then how you edited, love seeing that!

  4. Awww hand holding indeed! Such sweet girls!


  5. I can’t wait to read about your new photography techniques!! I'm so curious. I love learning about photography. Outdoors is definitely our happy place, too! You can totally tell they are in their element when outside in their backyard. So adorable!!! I love how you captured Kinsey’s sweetness and Brielana’s silliness. LOVE!

  6. Such great pictures! Two beauties you have there, that's for sure! :)

  7. The holding hands ones always get me too. Such sweet sisters we have.

  8. It's easy to get amazing photos with such adorable models!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  9. I love the pictures of them in their natural habitat :) I swear I would have more outside photos if we had a backyard. I would literally spend all day everyday out there and we could eat dinner too. Sigh. Maybe one day!

  10. Your girls are just too cute! Isn't it amazing to see glimpses of their older self sometimes!?! I love it but at the same time want to slow down time! And I'm also very interested in reading about your photography techniques!

  11. Your pictures perfectly capture the girls personalties! I love it.
    And have I mentioned what little beauties they both are?!


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