Thursday, May 5, 2016

Butterfly Curriculum {TTBH #8}

Remember when Kinsey found a chrysalis in the backyard? Well, it only took a year later but she was wanting to learn about butterflies, and I obliged ;)  Affiliate links used. A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog!

The very first thing I do is pull every book we own and these are the ones we have been reading. 
Butterfly Curriculum books

Butterfly Curriculum tissue paper craft
We did an easy but pretty tissue paper craft. I've done this method before for TTBH # 5 but I recently found a roll of Contact paper and decided to forgo the use of a glue wash wised up. I just cut out a butterfly shape and had Kinsey apply the tissue paper squares.
Butterfly Curriculum Contact paper craft

Preschool butterfly curriculum counting butterflies
I made these little guys out of construction and scrapbook paper. The holes at the top of the butterfly's wings correspond with the number on the front for some counting aide. 
preschool butterfly curriculum counting butterflies

{Natural Discoveries}
preschool butterfly curriculum caterpillar
We were on a walk and saw this little guy make it across the road (at a very fast crawl as it had just survived a school bus encounter, hehe) but neither Kinsey or I had the nerve to pick it up. A google search has me torn between it being a giant leopard moth or a black swallowtail butterfly. Any guesses? 

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  1. Great topic!! I need to get contact paper because I get so OCD about glue. Ha ha! Such fun activities and it looks like Kinsey had a lot of fun.

  2. We love butterflies! First things first, always pull all related books from your own stack! Totally what we do and go from there! I think that caterpillar is probably a moth. :/ They are just so much more common. Then again, I had a similar looking creature on one of my tomato plants not but a few weeks back.

  3. I love the contact paper butterfly... We did one last summer and it was such a favorite that it's still hanging up in our house!

  4. What cute ideas! I need get some contact paper around. It's so handy!

  5. This is so cute I always was a fan of the very hungry caterpillar

  6. Oh such fun crafts and books. I love having themed lessons with Connor.

  7. Oh my gosh! You are so creative and so detail oriented! I'm impressed! I love that you thought to add holes to the top of the butterflies to indicate the number on the butterfly. Seriously genius!

  8. What a fun craft to go along with the butterfly theme! :)

  9. I love the butterfly theme! I would love to learn more about the grievous insects as well!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  10. I ordered a cup of butterflies from (if you followed me on snapchat you would know this ;) ;) ) and they send you caterpillars and they grow into butterflies. Definitely worth looking into if K is super into them right now!

  11. Fun fact: I've been obsessed with butterflies my entire life. So much so, I released over 100 of them on my wedding day. So, basically what I'm saying is I need to recreate all this butterfly goodness in our home! The contact paper is GENIUS! Whenever Marcus uses glue it ends up ALL.OVER the table. And, I'm totally guessing, but the caterpillar? Swallowtail. I've been seeing them around lately!

  12. Such sweet, simple and fun ideas. We just love flutterybys around here :D! Happy Mothers Day weekend friend!

  13. Love your collection of butterfly books! Impressive. And the butterfly craft is awesome and beautiful! Kinsey is a doll and her beautiful eyes melt me. And the butterfly counting? Such a clever idea. I love the holes on top for aide. You are such a good mama!


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