Monday, September 19, 2016

Classroom Tour // For the Love of Learning

When Jess and I discovered we were both going back to teaching this year we thought it would fun to share the learning that was happening in our Preschool classrooms #teachersgonnateach and this collaboration was born! Join us each month to get a peek into what we are teaching. 

So onto the classroom tour! I apologize for the lack of photos as the day I was all set to photograph, I ruined my phone :/ And then it was a mad dash to get everything done, you know how that is. Not sure why some pictures look "fuzzy"- this is all kinds of embarrassing, sorry. Not month will be better, promise.

This is the room as a whole from the sink area.
The table is set for lunch time :)
I have my room set up in areas or centers- dramatic play, blocks, writing, science, books (though they are spread throughout the room) art, circle and water play. And then there are necessity ares like the restroom, sink area, closet and cubbies/parent board.

To the right of the sink is the art area which flows into circle/ books.

To the right of my chair is the science center.
And behind that is the Dramatic play area.

 Across the way is the Block center.
Behind that is the Writing center. And behind that is the lunch tables. You can see it's set up for free play activities- journaling and play dough.
 And looking straight ahead from the Writing center is the water table (L), the door (I'm in room 12) and the cubbies and Parent Board.
I'm still lacking some greenery and a few decorative items but I like to build slowly only getting things I truly love as most of the money comes out of my own pocket.

There you have it! Thanks for visiting my classroom! Come again soon ;)

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  1. I love this collaboration & both of you girls! Your classroom is so bright. I love those big windows!

  2. Yay! Your classroom is adorable. I love how bright it is and that you have so many fun areas for the kids to play. Our collaboration is going to be so much fun. :)

  3. So fun to see your classroom Whitney. I know the pains of the destroyed phone... boy does that suck too. You don't realize how much you use it until it is gone.

  4. Such a cute classroom!! It sort of makes me wish I taught littles. For a half a second. And then I think of all that that would entail and remember that I'm good with the high schoolers. ;)

  5. I've been waiting for this!! So precious and makes me miss teaching although I too had HS but I loved the back to school and bulletin board decorating!! Your organization is on point!!

  6. Oh goodness! Mrs. Whitney the teacherh has it going on. I would love to decorate a classroom. Do you add things for the holidays? Mine would totally rock a Christmas tree come December!

  7. Looks like fun! I especially love the lunch boxes all setting out. Lunch boxes are so cute. I want one. Teachers do so much to their classrooms and I think kids tend to not even notice it much when they get older. I vaguely remember my kindergarten classroom. Lots of stars.

  8. What a cute room! I love how light and airy it is!

  9. Your room is so dang cute!! It looks so light and inviting! Your kids are going to have the absolute best time learning in that space!

  10. I want to go to preschool!! I never went, but I like the concept of moving from station to station throughout the day.

  11. This is so awesome! Your room is adorable and so tidy and organized!

  12. Your room is amazing! I love all the different areas! Is it just me or is your room fairly large? How many kids do you have?


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