Thursday, September 29, 2016

Currently // September

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Watching// I introduced Kinsey and Brielana to The Sound of Music and it has been such a joy hearing Kinsey sing all the songs!! 
Reading// After a false start with a horribly written novel (I'm not even going to share what the title was) I am thisclose to finishing The Orchardist: A Novel by Amanda Coplin. This was one of those Little Free Library finds and it hasn't disappointed. It is beautifully written and tells the story about Talmadge and his orchard and the two runaway girls who find refuge in his trees. All the feels!
Eating// Ice cream. It's been insanely hot here and this is the only way I can deal with life.
Loving// That we're getting closer to all my favorite Holidays- Halloween, my Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Planning// Our 8 year Anniversary Trip! It's been two years since we last visited San Luis Obispo and I can just picture all the fun stuff we'll be doing! 
Pinning// Fall Fun!

Praying// For my Papa (always.)
Texting// Everyone. There is no need for calling anyone these days, am I right?
Wearing// Chambray the best transition-into-fall piece ever.
Trying// To stop feeling sorry for myself because September was such a bust.
Decorating// For Fall!! And once October strikes, for Halloween!
To-do listing// I gotta go to the Post Office and send out three packages. This hardly ever happens so I'm actually really looking forward to going. And as Liz put it #thepostofficeadventuresofwhitney ;)

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  1. Your outfits are just killer my friend! You look amazing. Sorry September was a bust of a month. I hope that October is way better. :) You've got this!

  2. I have our house decorated for fall, but wait til October to decorate for Halloween. I don't have a lot of Halloween pieces, but just a few here & there to sprinkle throughout the house.

    I have a package to send out, too. ;)

  3. I need you to come over stat and help me put together some chambray outfits that don't involve buying things to wear with it :P.

  4. Confession – I have never seen the Sound of Music. I know, I know! I need to see it asap! Love all of your outfits. You are the cutest!!!

  5. I haven't watched the Sound of Music in forever! I think Wes would love it!

  6. I have never seen the Sound of Music. Ever. This doesn't seem right.
    And I love love your style. You are just the cutest.

  7. I just love that Amelia outfit! I love the sound of Music, anytime it's on tv I have to stop to watch :)

  8. Sorry September sucked :( Somehow you still managed to pull it off with style though. Here's hoping for a better October! I don't think I've ever been to San Luis obispo. Sounds so pretty though.

  9. I love your chambray looks... Still! Sorry September was such a bust... Hoping October treats you better!

  10. I loved watching The Sound of Music with my mom! And I'm totally adding that book to my "to-read" list!

  11. Has it finally cooled down for you? Today was the first time it didn't go over 85 degrees. HALLELUJAH!
    Your chambray outfits are absolutely perfect. I need a chambray piece in my life.

  12. And now I'm singing The Sound of Music over here - so fun! Loved The Orchardist too, and yes to ice cream all the time :)


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