Thursday, September 15, 2016

Saving with Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. #Groupon #ad

Have you heard of Groupon Goods? I am probably the last person to discover this amazing deal site but now that I have, whoa nelly! It is the sister site to Groupon Coupons so all the great savings but for a more varied selection of goods! From home goods to kid's toys, to women's fashion to electronics, Groupon Goods has you covered!

Have you met Stella? She is our Cocker Spaniel- Dachshund mix that we adopted from the SPCA in May of 2014. This face and her sweet nature won us over.  She pretty much rules the house after Kinsey and Brielana (I like to think I'm not on the bottom of the totem pole, even though I do clean up after all them haha.) 
I know we're not the only one's with a pampered pooch. But in all of her pampering she lacks one very important accessory, a dog bedI'm so ashamed.
She is a pretty content napper, and I have seen her get cozy on a pile of books (exhibit A above), curled up on Boppy pillow, and stretched across my bed (exhibit B below).
Now, I'm not sure if she really minds not having dog bed but a dog is assured certain rights and having one's own spot is important, agreed? And how can I deny this fur baby?
After a quick Groupon Goods search I think I found the perfect one! Now the test is to see if Stella will actually sleep on it ;)

Have you tried Groupon Goods yet? What category have you been wanting to browse?

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  1. Stella is so cute! I'd say she is a happy and content dog. I sometimes feel bad because our dog doesn't get the attention he used to. Drew reminds me that he has a pretty lush life since he gets to be with us and sleep all day. Ha ha!!

  2. What a sweet, sweet dog! So deserving of a new dog bed! I'm glad Groupon was able to provide her one!

  3. Stella is a doll! So cute! Diesel has a little dog bed in my office that he naps in during the day! Groupon is awesome!!

  4. So, I've never checked out Groupon Goods, but I need to! Our current dog bed is in tough shape, and everyone but the dog actually uses it...

  5. Groupon is my favorite go to when I want a coupon for local activities and services.

  6. Stella! Oh my goodness she is precious. We really need a pet 😊.

  7. Stella! Oh my goodness she is precious. We really need a pet 😊.


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