Friday, September 30, 2016

Rewind Friday // Crafting with Nature

Welcome to Rewind Friday #5! This month seriously snuck up on me and I feel both relieved it is over (because, worst month of my life #overlydramaticbutappropriate) and excited to welcome October! So onto my flashback post :)

Fall is the perfect time to go outdoors and find natural items to craft and create with! We love talking a walk and collecting leaves, sticks, rocks, feathers, flowers- basically anything that catches our eye can be repurposed and used to create seasonal works of art. This was originally published on September 19, 2014!
"Using natural materials in arts and crafts isn't new but it adds a wonderful element in creative play. Not to mention its free. And tactil-ly pleasing. It also enhances observational skills and fosters a love for the outdoors." {Read more Crafting with Nature}

Last month's Spotlight blogger post was Life Breath Present's 5 Ways to a Great Home Environment!
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  1. Doing crafts with things you find in nature is so fun. Who doesn't love painting with leaves, etc. I want to have Cam collect some acorns and paint with them. He'd love it and Emmy would make a mess. I've gotta get over my OCD.

  2. How fun!. Jack loves to be outside so this would be so fun to do with him!

  3. Yay for crafting with things you find :) I love that you guys do this. So fun to look at old posts.

  4. Love crafting with nature. It is so beautiful after all and a great way to teach kids to be resourceful

  5. I plan to make a college with the things we find on walks. One day when it's too cold to go back outside, I'll pull out the things we've already collected and make fun from that.

  6. We have really gotten into crafts. As of late Marcus has found he loves to glue flower on to paper, and then tape said paper all over the house. It's pretty awesome to see his imagination at work!

  7. Crafting with Nature is so fun! I hope to do some of this with Mason when we go camping in a couple of weekends.


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