Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kinsey Quotes v5.0

It's been a while since I shared Kinsey Quotes (because it takes some time to accumulate more haha) but I got a good batch here so be prepared to be entertained! I also have a little sneak peek of something at the end. Hope that wasn't vague or anything ;)

We were talking about feelings and Kinsey got all mushy on me, "You're like flowers to me. You're heart is like flowers to me."

"But moooom, I want to go on an adventure today!" It was a bit whiny, but really cute too.

Kinsey's bed is next to a window so she likes to peek out the curtains at the sky and has started calling the lighter later evenings blue nights because, "it looks like a blue night because it's light like the morning time." 

Another night time conversation but this one was about sunglasses, "Those are night glasses, see they're dark, so you wear them at night." Her logic is pretty sound ;)

Having a conversation about Stella 
Kinsey- "It must be nice to be a dog; you don't brush your teeth, you don't wear shoes or clothes, you stay home all day, you can watch TV as long as you want."
Me- "Dogs don't actually watch the TV."
Kinsey- "Yeah well it still seems fun."

"This one's a soggy bone, it hurts." Showing me a bruise on her leg. Of which she sports a gillion, ouch.

"On second off, Brie, I know my hair is your favorite but it hurts when you pull it." So hilarious!!

"I'm so done with you, Mom!" How she responded when I told her no to watching The Little Mermaid. I may have gotten a glimpse of the teenage years.

"Remember when I was a small sweet baby, mama?" Yes. Yes I do. Every day. And I can't believe she's turning six in February.

I was starting to complain during a Geocaching expedition when Kinsey stared to give me a pep talk, "Just remember, real quitters never give up!" Her conviction when saying this was perfection.
And now the little sneak peek, some Brielana quotes
**I've yet to come up with a catchy title for Brie's segments so if anyone thinks up anything, please share!

Brielana gives the best wet smooches. She's also been very affection lately and started saying, "Love you much. Love you sooo much, mama." Heart melted.

Any time she sees Brian or I doing something, "What doing?"

On Friday when Kinsey and I pulled up to the house, Brielana came running up the walkway to give hugs and kisses. My mom said she heard our car and got all excited and exclaimed, "Kiki home! Cool! Kiki home! Cool!"
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  1. Oh my, she is so silly. I love what she said about her bruise. Cracks me up what kids say and what makes sense to them.

  2. The quitters, the soggy bone, the hair, the baby one, I can't choose a favorite. I love what little kids have to say! They are so serious & innocent!

  3. Brie's Babblings? Eh... I dunno. I'll think about it more.

    Kinsey and Emily would have more fun together than any two 5 year old girls ever should. I can't imagine the hilarious things they would say and do. I think she has some good logic going on dog life.

  4. Oh I love these posts. It's so cute to hear what other little ones have to say and how they say it.

  5. Yay! These are some of my favorite posts. I love Kinsey quotes. “Your heart is like flowers to me” << I melt! So incredibly sweet. Haha…Mason says similar things about Diesel. It’s “so not fair”, he says! Oh my word, I just love her. I love all of this and I love that you included things about Brielana. You will be so glad you did this when Brie is Kinsey’s age!

  6. bahaha so cute. and, I'm so done with you mom lol. I can't! Aria said something sassy like that the other day. No clue what it was anymore, because I can't remember to write these things down. Sigh.

  7. So darn cute! "well it still seems fun" haha. And Mini Fox would watch Little Mermaid all day every day if we let her!

  8. You're like flowers to me. Your heart is like flowers!!! I'm all melty after reading that!

  9. I totally started singing that "I wear my sunglasses at night" song when I read her comment about the sunglasses! LOL.
    Also, I'm so done with you mom! Oy. She's going to be a handful as a teenager!

  10. This is way too cute! I loved the soggy bone one!

  11. Soggy bone! Ha!! That's a new one.
    On second off... I love when kids get phrases kind of mixed up!
    The only alliteration I can come up with Brielana is blab, and I'm not loving that. :/

  12. Love these!! A little bit sweet, a little bit sassy, and so much great kid logic.

  13. A dog's life does sound pretty great huh? And I'm so done with you mom... I'm sure it won't be the last time you hear that one!

  14. These are so funny! I love the description of a soggy bone! So funny how their little minds work.


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