Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kinsey Behind the Blog {November}

It's another round of questions for my leading lady. She was in good humor this month if you can't tell by her answers.

What are three things you are thankful for?
Kinsey: Uh, three? I'm thankful for taking things to the office. I'm thankful for being good. And I'm thankful for being Star Student. 
Clearly she has school on the brain ;)

What is your favorite food served at Thanksgiving dinner?
Kinsey: Chicken!
Me: It's turkey though.
Kinsey: Turkey!

If you could be president for the day, what would you do?
Kinsey: Nothing.

How many feathers does a Turkey have?
Kinsey: 10. 

Who is your favorite relative to see during the holidays?
Kinsey: Brie.
Me: Awwwwwe.
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  1. She sounds like a very good helper at school! I always loved taking things to the office, too!

  2. What a sweet girl. She's all about school and that's just fine. I love what she'd do as president. Sounds normal.

  3. SO sweet she said her sister. I also loved she called it chicken :P.

  4. I prefer chicken to turkey anyway, so I agree with her first answer lol!

  5. Chicken! It's turkey. Turkey! LOL. So cute. Sounds like she's going to enjoy eating during Thanksgiving!

  6. I love that she said she would do nothing as President! She’s a doll!

  7. Chicken - hahahaha!! That might be my favorite answer to that question!

  8. So many kids mentioned chicken and Connor is all like... give me pizza!!!


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