Thursday, November 3, 2016

Scarf Reveal Day // Second Annual Fall Scarf Exchange 2016

Happy Scarf Exchange Day!!! Thank you for joining Courtney, Elizabeth and me for the Second Annual Fall Scarf Exchange! I'm so excited to see what lovely scarves everyone got because you can never have too many and Christmas is coming up...;)
The happiest package ever.
First off, I was partnered with the amazing Desiree and pretty much struck gold in the partner's department. Go check out her blog to see what I got her (I was off my blogging game and didn't snap a teaser picture, oops.)
Desiree got me the prettiest plaid jewel-toned blanket scarf, ever! I basically just want to cuddle under this day and night. I have worn it three times already since I got it in the mail so that evens out to be once per week!
In her note she specifically said she pictured me pairing this with my chambray shirt and so I obliged ;)
I must also note that Desiree is a saint for including Pumpkin Spice chocolates. Bless you and thank you!!!

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  1. LOVE that scarf! The colors are so amazing and definitely you. :) You always style everything so great too. Love it with the chambray and stripes.

  2. LOVE this scarf on you. She was right, it does seem like something you'd wear. This would look amazing with mustard too!

  3. Your scarf came in such a fun package! I’m crushing on that color and the polkadots. Desiree did good and she always writes the most thoughtful cards. That scarf is pretty perfect for you pretty lady. Love your pattern mixing!

  4. Perfection! I love the jewel toned. Desirée did a great job!

  5. Love the scarf you got! Great color palette!

  6. Ok I'm obsessed with this scarf and want one for myself! And I think you should start wearing more blue... It looks great on you!

  7. I LOVE it! I'm on a total blanket scarf kick right now. They're my favorite!

  8. I love this scarf!! And now I need to add it to my Christmas list too :) Those are totally my colors!

  9. Oh wow! I love it! Those colors look fantastic on you! And I'm obsessed with soft blanket scarves right now. I'm totally bummed that I missed the exchange this year...I need to get my act together!

  10. Woohoo!! It looks so great on you! I love it with that chambray top! And I fully agree with Beth, it would look so good with your mustard pieces. I had to laugh when you pointed out we both had styling suggestions. We are on the same page all the time!
    I'm so glad you like it. It was such a blast selecting for a scarf for you!!

  11. That scarf is amazing!!! I LOVE the colors and it looks perfect with your chambray top! So sweet of her to include chocolates too but she is seriously so thoughtful so it doesn't surprise me in the least that she did that :)
    And I too agree with Beth, that would look awesome with your mustard CARLY!

  12. Blanket scarves are my favorite. This one is the best colors! Your partner did amazing!

  13. Plaid blanket scarves are totally my jam! And chocolate too! Desiree nailed it!


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