Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stitch Fix #1 {Birthday Fix}

I'm pretty much the last blogger ever to try Stitch Fix so I figured I'd treat myself for my birthday and schedule my very first Fix! I have been Pinning away months before scheduling and pretty much read up on all those "How to get your best Fix" posts out there (this one from Kerry is good!) I'm not even going to go into detail on how Stitch Fix works but I'll leave my referral link right here just in case there's someone even later than myself to the SF party ;) Affiliate links used. A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog!
Stitch Fix thoughts from a Newbie:

This was so much fun! Even if you only do one Fix, the experience is totally worth it!

I have since updated my profile to stay away from blue as this whole box was a bit too blue-heavy.

Every piece in this box was something I would wear if the colors were different. Marcus did an excellent job. I hope this doesn't sound sexist, but I didn't even know there were male stylists(!) but he nailed my style. I'm not ready to commit to a stylist but I will definitely keep his name on file :)

The Style Cards do nothing for me. Like I'm not inspired in the least. I understand the purpose and I like the idea but the flat lays just seem well, flat. lol Case in point: the Shayne striped sweater looks awful in the picture but I loved it on!

Now on to the goods!

Papermoon Armand Lace Detail Knit Top | $44 {small}

I love me a good tee! This was super soft and I liked how it draped but I don't wear blue and the lace detail showed straps, a big ole pet peeve. And for the price I just wasn't sold. Returned.

Mak Shayne Striped Pullover | $48 {small}

Like I stated above, first glance at this sweater on the style card and I was repulsed- it reminded me of a retro 70's turtleneck (again, this was at first glance lol) but once I tried it on, I really liked it! It was soft, had great texture and of course, stripes. I was even going to go out of my comfort zone because I don't wear this color blue, but then I discovered the flaw- this random knot/snag and I just had to let it go. Returned.

Market & Spruce Evella Boatneck Top | $64 {small}

This top. I can't even begin to say how DELIGHTED I was when it came in my box! I absolutely fell in love with it when Laura had it in her last Fix and instantly pinned it to my SF board. And Marcus stated that he took it right from my board when he was packing my box! This one top pretty much made this experience for me! Kept!
***Also I must note that Kinsey told me how to pose for this one and insisted I cross my legs ;) Whatever the photographer wants.***

41Hawthorn Concord Striped Draped Pocket Cardigan | $58 {small}

Another item that is me in theory but the colors are all off. This was described as "purple" which I disagree, royal blue would be a better describer but I digress; I almost made another exception because it draped beautifully and I'm a sucker for pockets. But again it came down to price, I wouldn't spend that much for a thin cardigan. Returned.

Octavia Hayley Bird Print Infinity Scarf | $28 {one size}

I specifically asked for a scarf and was delighted when this bird print infinity was included (I had seen the lavender version during a Pin session and just about swooned.) I debated big time since this is a color I don't gravitate to, but it would pair nicely with my mustard cardigan and any of my gray pieces and then common cents kicked in (do I sound cheap or what?! Haha but seriously, that's pretty pricey for a scarf in my opinion.) Returned.
*** I was tickled that it showed how to loop the scarf, that is all.***

And that was my first Fix! What would you have kept? Did I let go of something I shouldn't have? 

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  1. Love the shirt you kept! It's so pretty on you. Bummer about the blue striped sweater because it looked really nice on you, but not worth keeping with a flaw. I'd say it was a pretty good first fix.

  2. First off, you are the cutest. I'm so disappointed about the snag in the sweater because I really, really liked that shirt on you. I do like what you kept! Can't wait to see what you receive in your next fix!

  3. What a great start!! I love the top you kept and that you knew exactly what you liked and didn't like about the other pieces. Leave super specific feedback and they'll get better with time.

  4. It's funny that I never noticed you don't wear blue! It's one of my go to colors lol! Like I really want that cardigan lol! I love what you kept though!!!

  5. Aaaahhhh! Now you are a legit fashion blogger wit your very first SF post up. I never noticed you don't wear blue either. I did love that sweater on you.

  6. I haven't tried it yet either, but you got so many cute shirts! I would have been disappointed with the snag, but everything else was great!

  7. You got an awesome first fix!!! Definitely a great start to an illustrious SF career :p

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I have never had a Stitch Fix either. Mostly out of fear of nothing fitting right and me getting totally upset! My body is weird. Ha. Yay for you getting a fix right before your birthday. Bummer the sweater had a snag because it looks really cute on you. I love the top you kept!

  9. Love that top you kept! And that blue cardigan too. I think I'm just too cheap for stitch fix. I feel like I can dress the whole family for the price of some things, and when it comes down to it I spend a bigger bulk of money on the kids cause they outgrow stuff. I do love to peek into other people's stitch fixes though!

  10. I love it! I really like that top you kept! I wear a lot of blue, but I have to agree that this box was pretty blue-heavy. I love the scarf too though; I would've kept that one. The birds are cute!

  11. Seriously what IS with all the blue?! I don't think it's a bad color on you, but a little variety could have been nice! (My first box--way back when--was the same!) I LOVE the top you kept and yes, too funny that they show how to loop a scarf!

  12. You look SO good in blue, bummer it's not your color of choice. Even bigger bummer about the snag in that sweater, because HOLY CUTE!!!!

  13. I think you kept what I would have, too! What a fun birthday treat!

  14. I love reading Stitch Fix reviews! And I appreciate how honest yours is. I think the scarf is my favorite piece because I just love bird prints!

  15. ooh I love everything on you! Who doesn't like wearing blue though... =) I am bummed about the stripe sweater because it looks so good on you. But love the top you did keep too! And, for the prices you really need to love a piece to keep it. It's definitely more of a splurge in my book.

  16. Isn't that boat neck the best?! And I have been pining after the bird infinity scarf!!!! Also, I've never seen a male stylist either... kinda fun! And I do not use the style cards either. They are boring and small and rarely ever my style!

  17. Totally late to the SF post commenting party but I didn't want to not comment! I love that you got to try SF and that you had a fun experience and even kept one thing!! That shirt is awesome!!!
    I, too, never use the style cards. I find them so unhelpful! And I also didn't know that there were male stylists!
    You're right, it was very blue centered, but I did love that 41Hawthorn cardigan!


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