Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving in the Classroom // For the Love Of Learning

Another month, another Classroom tour! It's November so we're sharing all things Thanksgiving in our classrooms! Thanks for joining Jess and me and if you want to see the last couple of months here are the links:

Turkey Tom. This guy's feathers is made from my student's hand prints. I love hand art because it really shows how little and how much kids grow in a year. I'll trace their hands again at the end of the year and paste these two side-by-side in their scrapbook. Makes me emotional. Every. Year.
Our Autumn Sensory Table. I've included fake leaves, pom poms, vase filler pumpkins and plastic acorns (all purchased at Michael's over the years) and ice cube trays for sorting.
Feather Painting is my favorite project during Thanksgiving. It gives the kids a tickle to use something other than paint brushes and leaves a different pattern on the paper. No fancy equipment required, just tempura paint, paper and a feather needed!

And our Thanksgiving books!

We are baking pies for the Church's elderly and shut-ins tomorrow to show that service to others is important.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week! 

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  1. I love the feather paintings!! Adorable and such a fun idea. We did similar turkeys. The handprint feathers make me smile. We have our Thanksgiving feast at preschool today. :)

  2. I'll have to do the feather painting with Cash this week. I'm sure he would really enjoy that one! Have so much fun baking the pies. I'm sure it will be overwhelming & messy, but fun nonetheless!

  3. Feather painting looks fun! Painting with other objects is the one thing Noah does at school that we've never really done at home!

  4. Totally a fan of the feather painting too. I used to do handprint turkeys with my girls every single year. That was always a favorite of mine.

  5. Again, this is the only part of teaching I would totally dig. The seasonal fun. Oh and having the entire Summer off :)

  6. I love the crafts that you guys come up with. I try to do some of them with my girls!

  7. What wonderful craft ideas!!!! I'm sure your students adore you! <3

  8. So festive! I love it all. I know your classroom has all the fun with one of the sweetest teachers!!

  9. What a fun teacher you are!! Do you buy all those books yourself? Your classroom is better stocked than our library.


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