Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Switching to safer beauty products {Natural Deodorants}

Breast cancer scares me. As the granddaughter of a breast cancer survivor I think I'm justified. I also tend to be paranoid (another “thanks” to aforementioned gramma, ha) so it shouldn't be that surprising that I have been researching natural deodorants for a year now.  A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog!
Switching to safer beauty products {Natural Deodorants} from Work it Mommy blog
Is that confusing? Breast cancer = natural deodorant. What?? Well due to the chemical compounds in conventional/traditional deodorants coupled with the sensitive skin and lymph nodes surrounding the breast and arm pit area, they have been linked to causing cancer. And this is a big concern to me. I don't want to come across as preachy or lofty so I'll have you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. If there is a correlation (and I believe there is) than a simple deodorant switch is the least I can do to up my odds.

But before diving right into natural products its important to let your pits go through detox. Wellness Mama has a great post about the why and how below 👇
Switching to safer beauty products {Natural Deodorants} from Work it Mommy blog
doesn't that look appealing? Haha
Full Disclosure- I tried detoxing last summer. It was not pretty. Being hugely 9 months pregnant and hormones running rampant coupled with the obscenely hot weather, I just couldn't hang. So I gave up after a week and begrudgingly went back to my chemicals.

It has been 8 months since that first failed experiment but I am proud to report I have finally broken up with my conventional deodorant! I have been using a natural deodorant for almost three months now. I tried three different brands during my trial run and the winner actually surprised me!
I tried this one first because I figured I'd start with a product that doesn't contain baking soda since there is a concern about being intolerant and I didn't need to add “rash” to my list of problems 😬 The gel and "wet application feeling" took a little to get used to but the scent is light and clean. I do reapply once during the day but I'm not inconvenienced by that. Overall this is the winner! Z Natural Life is vegetable based with Essential Oils, extra strength in fresh, clean and sport scents $9.99 2oz

Primal Pit Paste
I freaking love lavendar but sadly, I did react with the baking soda. The application of the stick was rough to me and that could have caused the irritation in the first place(?) Primal Pit Paste is made with non-aluminum baking powder and arrowroot $12.95 2oz

Once I discovered they sold Schmidt's at Target I had to give it a try even if it had baking soda because 1) the scent is AHmazing! and 2) the price point is great- $5.99 for 2oz. I could almost tolerate the irritation due to the lime bergamot smell- it reminds me of a margarita or a mojito, lol. There is a sensitive version that I should try Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Sensitive $10.99 3.2oz which is baking soda free!

I want to share the list of other natural products that I have researched (and a few I still want to try out!) most can be purchased from Amazon, hello one-two day shipping!
Switching to safer beauty products {Natural Deodorants} from Work it Mommy blog

Piperwai is charcoal based $16.99 2.7oz stick it also comes in a paste.

Native uses arrowroot powder in its sensitive formula $12 2.65oz I have heard so many great things about Native that I want to try them out! 

Freedom unscented (arrowroot/baking powder/kaolin clay/beeswax) $16.97 1.9oz

Soapwalla made from superfine vegetable powders and clays, as well as Lavender, Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oils $19 2oz This has a lotion consistency that gets rubbed into the armpit, not exactly sure I am down with that to be honest but I've heard rave reviews!

I hope this roundup helps if you are wanting to go natural or in the very least make it easier to locate healthier options!

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  1. I have been using a natural deodorant for years but yes i do have fo reapply. I use lavanila

  2. I'm considering making the switch! I barely sweat, even when I run, so I only use it a few times a week.

    1. You are SO lucky!! I always feel sweaty (wahhhh) lol

  3. I still love Primally Pure and it has a reduced baking soda content! I did struggle through the detox, but after that, I've had no problems with sensitivity. Even my girls use it!


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