Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Simple living Lifestyle podcasts // Listen

I'm back with another roundup of some of my favorite podcasts these have inspired me to embrace living a simple life with less stuff and more experiences, cherishing my people over worldly belongings; you know, the basics :)

Simple living Lifestyle podcasts // Listen from Work it Mommy blog

I'm super sensitive to sounds so all these podcasters have great voices to listen to and an even greater message! Enjoy!

Hosted by Tsh Oxenreider (she's amazing!) and a few rotating co-hosts, my favorites being Erin Loetner (I could listen to her talk about food, forever) and Kendra of (The Lazy Genius)
Episodes to Listen:

Denaye is darling and her take on motherhood is refreshing.
Episodes to Listen:

Back in the day Kelsey and my girl Allie Casazza used to host a podcast together and this is Kelsey's own show.
Episodes to Listen:

I'm not one to visualize in my daily life but you bet CarlaRae inspired me to participate with her when she started doing it! Just be careful if you're driving ;)

This podcast is on an hiatus as Kate is living out her dream of traveling with her family in a Motor home but do give it a listen because her and Melissa are delightful and gracious about sharing their simple living tips.
Episodes to Listen:
**We literally just finished Little House in the Big Woods and Kinsey loved it! Makes me giddy when she is as interested in things that I treasure that we can share together.

Any podcasts I missed? Please share your favorites below! If you're looking for more to enjoy, My favorite podcasts for Moms has got you covered!

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