Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mommy's favorite accessory // JORD watches

Sometimes it catches me by surprise, this whole motherhood role. Being a mom has always been my desire but sometimes I just can’t believe that I AM a mom. To three littles, perfect stair steps of roughly 3.5 years apart; girl, girl, boy. Sometimes that realization of the weight of my role is breathtaking; how did I get so lucky? How did I get here so fast? This post is sponsored by Jord but all opinions are my own.
Mommy's favorite accessory // JORD watches review + giveaway
Life is what happens when your'e busy making other plans. Catchy quote, right? Well my plans have been fulfilled and then some. But life, that is what I'm trying to hold still.

When I look at my children they are the ultimate testaments of the minutes, hours, days and years that have passed me by. I have been witness to first smiles, first steps, first holidays and each first is a treasure. I know there are many more firsts to discover for my young ones but a very small part of me doesn’t want to relinquish these “baby years”. I know its selfish but there it is. That ‘holding onto’ is my way of always being needed. I know I'll always be mom but I won’t always be their first choice of comfort and solace. 
Mommy's favorite accessory // JORD watches review + giveaway
So what to do with this time? This short window of childhood that I have been granted threefold. I think it only proper to thank God for this blessed gift and then to diligently savor each and every day.
Mommy's favorite accessory // JORD watches review + giveaway
And because I can not stop time I may as well celebrate it by having a good timepiece. If you can’t beat them, join them- another catchy quote ;) Jord (pronounced ‘yode’) has been crafting wood watches for years and has newly released the Seir marble watch. Quality and style, now that is a perfect match. Every watch comes with a one year warranty and options for return or exchanges. Based in St. Louis (a new neighbor!) each watch is made from a mix of natural and reclaimed materials because sustainability can’t be beat.

As a treat one reader can win $100 credit towards any Jord watch by clicking on the link below! Good luck!

Mommy's favorite accessory // JORD watches review + giveaway
Pssst. Rumor has it even if you don’t win the $100 credit you’ll still get a 10% off code! So either way you win. I like those odds.

Because sometimes time is the only measure we’ve got. 
~Erin Loechner

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  1. Such a pretty watch Whitney! And I'm the same way, gotta hold onto these days while I can.


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