Monday, January 7, 2019

Who, What, When, Where, Why // My Five W's of Blogging

Nothing like a fresh year to start with the (re)introductions. If you are new here, this is the 101 class, if you've been here awhile, think of it as the refresher course ;)  Here goes, my Who, What, When, Where and Why I blog.
Who, What, When, Where, Why // My Five W's of Blogging on Work it Mommy

Who |
I'm Whitney, the blogger behind Work it Mommy. I have been creating this space going on six years. What first started out as a way to share preschool projects and very little personal stories has morphed into a full fledged Mommy Blog, with no apologies. I am Brian's wife, we just celebrated a decade of marriage back in October. I am the proud mommy to three littles, Kinsey, practically 8 (where did the time go?!), Brielana, 4 and Clark 16 months. I currently work for our Church's Kid's Day Out program twice a week affording me some additional family income, a place where Bea and Clark can socialize with kids their age and where I can still flex my teacher muscles :) The rest of the week I get to be a Stay At Home Mom and reheat my coffee as often as necessary.
What |
I have recently been on my own personal journey of minimalism and natural living so that has been a focus over the last year and I will continue to do so. I love sharing updates about my family's going-ons and our adventures around our new State. Reading is a big part of who I am so book reviews happen monthly. I love to eat so I sprinkle recipes here and there. Occasionally I pretend to be fashionable and share outfits. Hmmm, did I forget something?

When |
A big shift happened two years ago when a surprise pregnancy (hi, Clark!) threw me for a loop; it was the best thing that happened to our family and it made me put this little blog on the back burner. And then we moved and this space just couldn't reclaim a place on my priorities list. As we are settling in I find myself open to wanting to share more regularly, so at this point in time, I'm looking to posting twice a week every month.
Where |
As of six months ago, I blog from North West Arkansas. Our move from California was one we prayed about for over TEN years; it was not a rash decision or a wild hair and as we adjust and feel more accustomed and acclimated to the South, the more we like it. With any big change comes an adjustment period (its only natural) but for us, it's right where we're supposed to be at this time of life.

Why |
Once upon a time I decided to start a blog to fill a gap in my creativity outlet. I had just had my first baby and needed a grounder and thought, hey, why not? As stated above I focused primarily on sharing easy preschool projects to do with 2, 3 and 4 year olds at home. But keeping to only one topic boxed me in and so I happily transverse where ever I please, no looking back. It took almost two years to (finally) find a Tribe to belong with and that really made blogging more enjoyable. I can happily say I have met in person several of my favorite virtual friends and being IRL friends is even better! Thank you for being here. I am truly humbled that anyone chooses to read my words. It means more than you know.

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  1. I have one of these in my drafts that I need to post! I am loving that family picture of you five. So gorgeous, friend! I love your five W’s and love following you on this journey. Blessed to have met you several years ago!! Happy New Year!


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