Monday, January 14, 2019

Tiny Letters // 119

It has been a hot minute since I joined Kristin in her Little Letters link up (where everything written is in the form of a tiny letter) but I am back (albeit three days late) and ready to dive right in! 

Dear entry way,
Seeing you every time I open the day after being away puts a smile on my face. Not only are you functional, but you're also so pretty, thank you for holding my junk in a classy way.

Dear hall runner with the curled corner,
I love you but you are trying to trip my kids and cause either chipped teeth or a mild concussion. Why must you only curl in one corner on both ends? I need some rug tape, is that a thing?

Dear leather couch,
I really love you. You are all my leather couch dreams made reality. When I first laid eyes on you I knew it was meant to be. Thank you for being comfy, beautiful and sustainable but most of all for only costing $84 at my favorite thrift store.

Dear Clark with his new hair cut,
How did you just age three years with one cut? Why does seeing your bare neck make you seem so vulnerable and make me want to weep? Why are you so dang cute? So many things to ponder. 

Dear Brielana,
You, girl, are something else. Between your witty conversations and quips of “what? I didn’t know?” (In the vein of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2) you are just coming into your own. 

Dear Kinsey,
So many emotions right now and sometimes I can’t help you understand them, just know they pass and don’t feel bad about feeling them. You are big-hearted and your need to everything to be fair will serve you well.

Dear NWA weather,
I didn't realize you were just as sporadic as Monterey weather. Perhaps we brought a part of home here unknowingly? Let me just say we’re disappointed about the no snow days but can’t complain about the 60 degrees and sunny ones that seem to take their place. 

Dear Blazer,
Why do you hate me? Almost every January you want to pull some kind of stunt. Do you like messing with me? Do I not fill you with gas and kids and many other bits of detritus? How can we reconcile? 

Dear Brian,
I can’t express how much I look forward to our nightly couch + show date; even if I occasionally fall asleep, it reminds me of our newlywed days of binge watching shows just because we could. Life is only worth living with you.

As a no fuss accessorizer I cant praise your minimalist styles enough. Paired with reasonable prices and good customer service, you have something special going on. I have rocked this sweet rose gold and shell pendant since December. And I know its not made for this but since it's natural shell I add a drop of essential oil and have my own diffuser necklace; pretty AND useful!
Dear reader,
Have you entered the JORD giveaway yet? I'll leave this link for your convenience :) Good luck!

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  1. Yay!! Maybe we can resurrect this little link party in 2019.


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