Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Whitney Wears // Stripes

Stripes. Where do I begin? They are the perfect pattern. My love of all things striped goes way back. I'm sharing only my black and white striped tees (all different!) today for MomStyle Remix. Sadly my photographer is in school now (tear) so back to awkward selfies. Affiliate links used. A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Tunic sweater-
Stripes make the perfect layering piece and this vest is just begging for more wear (thank you Meghan for finding it for me!)
 jeans // TOMS (similar)

3/4 boatneck-
So I have a problem with actual boatneck tops because my bra straps always peek through and that's just tacky. When I found this "modified boatneck" (there are two white "triangles" of fabric sewn at the neck) I was giddy! I'm waiting for cooler weather to layer this over my chambray button down.
boatneck (similar) // black jeans // belt (similar) // leopard slip-ons (similar)

Wide stripe-
This is another favorite Target find, nice and soft and long (long torso problems) I tucked this into my maxi skirt, belted the skirt and threw on a denim jacket. This was actually a date night outfit!
top // jacket // maxi //  belt (similar) // flats

Flowy tee-
This is my go to tee these days; airy, light and makes me feel a bit more dressed up  because of the flowy hem (I totally twirl around in this haha! And I'm thinking I should have bought it in all colors, now that it's too late. Figures.)
 jeans // TOMS (similar) // sunglasses
Of course my stripe tee collection isn't complete as I'm still on the hunt for the perfect long sleeve version (I have my sights set on this one!) 

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  1. Girl you are adorable!! I love all of those shirts. Especially the tee. Come shopping with me. :)

  2. Ooh I love all your stripes! I think I have more long sleeve options than short sleeve striped shirts too! And I really like the idea of the modified boat neck!

  3. These are all so cute!! I love the tucked in maxi and the flowy tee is just so classic!

  4. Your stripes are adorable friend. So cute. I clearly need more of them in my life.

  5. I love a good striped shirt!! So sad one of my favs is maternity and I won't be wearing it this season, ha!

  6. I think I have variations of most of these. We can be twinsies ;) Love your mom style. Very put together and functional.

  7. Funny, just this morning I was thinking, I need to get some white and black strips, all the ones I have currently are black heavy and I want one that is white heavy. The two that I had got little holes in the bottom, so frustrating when that happens! Those tops are so pretty! You can never have enough!

  8. Love all of your stripes! And you wear them well you tiny little thing, you! You’re adorable. I'm hoping to find one of those vests soon!

  9. Super cute options!! Love stripes, esp b& w ones!! And you are looking so teeny!!

  10. Oooohhhh! That flowy tee is perfection! I love it! Too bad you can't buy it anymore because I'd be ALL about it!

  11. That flowy is SO cute, definitely worth twirling in.

  12. You always look so cute and put together! I like how you talked about the triangle bra cover up-ers and then did not show them....

  13. Love love black and white. I have so many fun outfits waiting for cooler temps. Summer is just not my element. I'm often in a tee and running shorts. Complete ideal of style, right?

  14. I love your style - casual and fashionable. I need to go shopping with you! Love these outfits! I'm a big fan of stripes!

  15. Look how freaking cute you are! I LOVE the stripes with the vest!
    I'm totally with you on boat necks and bra straps showing. Oy. That modified version is on point though.

  16. I love that last flowey top! I know you said it's no longer available but where is it from?? I need to find a similar one! And yes, my closet is FULL of stripes!!!!

  17. Oh I love that cover image - stripes, stripes, and stripes! Just makes a girl happy :) The boatneck with chambray underneath is going to be fab, and in the meantime, the flowy tee is perfect! Thanks for joining in again!


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