Friday, August 26, 2016

Rewind Friday // Back to the Classroom

Welcome to Rewind Friday link up #4! So glad your'e joining us! Friends, I just finished my first week back in the classroom! Granted, I didn't have my students in there yet, it has still been a whirlwind experience! In preparation of me going back to the classroom I'm sharing two posts for this month's Rewind Friday.
First up is the ABCs of  Preschool. I shared this last year before back to school and it is all the things that make Preschool special and near and dear to my heart! 

A alphabet:  A big part of preschool is exposure to the alphabet.  This may look different depending on the age of your child but in my classroom (2.5- young 4) we start letter recognition by using the child's name; it's personal so it's important to the child and it's not too long.  
art:  art is a huge learning opportunity.  It's sensory, visual, creative and there is no wrong way to do it!

B boundaries: being in a room full of children, you quickly learn about boundaries.  Be it personal boundaries (sitting too close to someone, or talking to loudly) to physical boundaries (no hitting), boundaries keep us safe and comfortable. 

C circle time: one of my favorite things to do with my student is have circle time.  We sing songs, have discussions, play games and do yoga stretches.  It's our chance to come together as a group and share the same experience. 
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And the second is all about my Favorite Teacher Supplies: because being unprepared is my worst nightmare. {Read more here}

My Must Have Preschool Teacher Supplies

Last month's Spotlight blogger post was Klein Dot Co 5 Tips for 5am Pure Barre!
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  1. I love the ABC's post! Smart! Ha ha! The boundries one is so true.

  2. Your Abc post is so cute... Love it!

  3. I need to be honest. I don't think I knew you taught preschool. Holy smokes!! You just went up to Saint level in my world.

  4. I have an older friend who taught preschool her entire career. She is such a great resource and so full of encouragement, too! The level of patience and calm she exhibits almost overwhelms me, so I bet you and she would get along great. Also, despite that fact we do learning here and I don't stress it too much, I love that Monkey Boy is so interested in accurately recognizing letters and numbers and wanting to spell names! :)

    1. Early education is so important, Im so glad your son has a love of learning at a young age! And I will say I am pretty patient lol

  5. My daughter definitely needs to learn some boundaries - she way too friendly and doesn't realize when a kid doesn't want to interact with her. Sounds like you run a fun classroom. Good luck with going back to school!

    1. Thank you, Candace! After 2 years out of the classroom I am more than nervous to get back into the fray, so your kind words mean more than you know :)

  6. Preschool teachers are saints. Pretty sure. Do you have students next week???

  7. I totally agree with Courtney^. Instant saint status for sure. Boundaries is my favorite too :).

  8. Hope your first day/week back was an awesome one!
    Boundaries. Amen to those.
    And, you deserve all the coffee and all the wine for doing what you do.

  9. YAY!!! So glad you had a great first week back! I'm so excited for you to really get back into it and to have your students there. I know you are going to rock it!

  10. Okay, I'm embarrassed to say this, but I don't think I knew you taught preschool. I'm so sorry! 3 year olds? How many days a week?

    I love my laminator!!

  11. Love the ABCs post! You are such a good teacher.

  12. Boundaries is something we are desperately working on lol!


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