Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tackling toy rotation with Pley {a review}

Remember how I've been wanting to reign in all our toy clutter and start a toy rotation system? And also remember how it's been s-l-o-w-g-o-i-n-g, haha. Well, I've finally found a solution and it is a GENIUS one! Enter Pley: the subscription service for toys! Affiliate links used. A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog!
How does Pley work? you ask. Well, you can choose from their database of 500+ toys by age/experience level, have it sent directly to your door, play with it for as long as you like and then send it back for a new toy on your Pleylist! Easy peasy! Can you just imagine the savings and reduced toy clutter?!
Pley was kind enough to let Kinsey and Brielana try a toy for themselves for a month and let me tell you, they LOVED the Magformers set I picked out! Magnets are always a big hit but add in the moving gear function and the girls were mesmerized. Of course, there was always ONE piece they both wanted at the same time, naturally. We built the pictured configuration and then Kinsey used the pieces as walls at her castle. Brielana was captivated by the triangles so all was good in the world.
At $12.99 a month, you just can't go wrong. Do yourself and your children a favor and try out Pley today!

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  1. That is so cool! The girls look so enthralled with the toys. I would be too. Such a great idea.

  2. This is a pretty neat idea! I don't think the price is that outrageous either.

  3. Magformers are always a huge hit, ALWAYS.

  4. I've either heard of that or something similar! Cute idea for a toy service. It's like Christmas each time you get a new one!

  5. This is such a fun way to experience new toys.

  6. What a neat service and the price-point is good, too! Love the pictures of your girls as always!!

  7. Whaaaat?! This is GENIUS!! We have about a gazillion toys that just sit in the toy closet, never to see the light of day.
    We might need to give this a go. I'm pretty sure we'd rotate through toys like mad.

  8. Such a great idea! Oh man the toy situation at our house too. Some days I just want to throw all of them out the window. It amazes me how fast little people can make a mess of toys.

  9. I love that you guys got Magformers! They are normally SO expensive so it's awesome that you got them for a month for only $12.99. Plus by the end of the month I'm sure they were tired of them and wanted something new so it's even better! Free toy rotation! Genius.


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