Thursday, August 11, 2016

August {The Picture Perfect Project #8 }

Oh man our summer vacation went by way tooooo fast! Sharing our last fleeting days of carefree living.

These leaves fall off the imitation weeping willow that hangs over the driveway and Kinsey loves throwing it up into the air (I refer to it was "nature's confetti", haha) So she was about to have a celebration before I stopped her to take a picture. Guess she wasn't too thrilled?
AP 2.2 ISO 25 S 1/239
Showing off her new LuLaRoe Adeline.
AP 2.2 ISO 25 S 1/792
Ignore those crackers in her mouth. This girl loves her snacks!
 AP 2.2 ISO 25 S 1/1130
Look at that pose! Just slay me.
 AP 2.2 ISO 25 S 1/205
I adore these hydrangeas bushes in the front yard so I had to take advantage of this gorgeous backdrop (this top picture was actually taken in July, so a bit of a comp shot if you will ;)
 AP 2.2 ISO 25 S 1/711
AP 2.2 ISO 25 S 1/705

That's our August! 
Thank you for joining BethCourtneyDesireeElizabethStephanie and me for another installment of The Picture Perfect Project! Now add your link below! We'll be back next month on Thursday, September 8th.

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  1. Kinsey did not look impressed at having to wait. Ha ha! Great photos!

  2. Tha first picture with her eyes!! So, so beautiful!

  3. I love the clarity of these photos. You are stepping up your photo game for sure!

  4. Those little LLR dresses are the sweetest. Pink is a GREAT color for Kinsey too!

  5. My fave is...the fourth. Brielana in the purple =) So many cute shots though!! yay

  6. I had no idea that LLR had dresses for little girls?! Your picture taking skills are getting better and better my friend.

  7. The way you capture their personalities is just perfect!

  8. I love the kids lularoe dresses! Very cute pics!

  9. Your girls are so incredibly cute! Love these shots!

  10. They are gorgeous and I love their outfits!

  11. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! As are your girls!

  12. That first photo of Kinsey! She looks so grown up and innocent all at the same time.
    Look at Brielana's poses. Dying! That girl has posing down!

  13. LOVE that first picture of Kinsey! She’s so pretty in pink (and so stylish, too!). And Brielana posing!? Too precious. The girl knows how to work it. You have beautiful girls and you take such great photos of them.


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